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What do friends see when you deactivate Snapchat?


When your account is deactivated, friends will no longer be able to contact or interact with you on Snapchat. After 30 days without use of the app, your account and all content within it will be permanently deleted.

How To Know If Someone Unadded Or Deleted You On Snapchat!


I’m honestly surprised this is a feature… Let’s just say Snapchat has been known to be the biggest sexting app around, so I think not letting your friend see you react – without knowing it was you reacting – kinda defeats the purpose. It also defeats the purpose of trying to be sneaky so that the person on the other end doesn’t know what you’re up to. I do understand that if someone is using another account they don’t want their friends or followers to know about (i.e., an anonymous account), then yes, this would definitely come in handy! However, if we are talking about multi-person accounts – while there are ways to make two people see the same account, the other person would still have a different username… so, not sure how that works exactly. My verdict on this: no thanks! I like knowing who’s really talking to me and what their display name is so I can block them if need be. I don’t want someone having the ability to hide behind a fake account and chat with me thinking it’s someone else entirely. Just sayin’…

There are multiple versions of Snapchat (I’m assuming). Some allow you to make up a new username. Some do not. Does this mean that your friend might be able to change his/her name for some reason? Or maybe it’s just my Snapchat – I always keep my names the same. I don’t think it would defeat the purpose of anything, more of just a fun new way to use Snapchat & have some privacy. 

I’m surprised that they didn’t make you change your username or display name in order to reactivate the account – especially if there was a reactivation charge (not that it would matter). It makes me wonder what exactly is going on behind the scenes here…? I honestly doubt this feature was thought out thoroughly enough and believe this could lead to all sorts of issues for Snapchat down the road – people might start using two accounts at once, hacked accounts may be reactivated using somebody else’s phone number, etc. The possibilities are endless! Nothing like biting off more than you chew!

Whatever the case, I love how Snapchat is continually rolling out new and exciting features for users to enjoy… especially when those features relate to privacy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this with all the recent uproar over Facebook’s news feed changes…. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you always should! Privacy-related issues aside, there are even more reasons why they shouldn’t have implemented this feature. If you think about it from a business perspective, developing platforms nowadays – especially social media apps such as Snapchat or Twitter – requires tons of money and resources every year in order to keep growing and incorporating new projects for users to take advantage of (i.e., Retweets; Reactions; Messenger; etc). And if Snapchat is going to continue building up their client base, they need to find a way to keep continuing bringing in more and more money each year. The problem here is that it’s not only expensive but also nearly impossible for companies to sustain themselves over the long haul – as have been demonstrated by recent examples such as Vine (RIP) or Google+. In other words, if Snapchat were to implement this reactivation feature, then yes, they could generate some extra cash flow for their company… but at what cost? How many more users might they lose because of this deactivation/reactivation option? If you think about it from a bigger picture perspective, I truly believe investing resources into new features rather than maintenance ones make much more sense in order to keep a business running smoothly (not to mention stay profitable). Sorry Snapchat, but it’s for the best!

What Happens When You Delete Snapchat

I think this is great news. Though I never wanted to deactivate my account in the first place. It can be looked at as an option you know…? It can also be nice from a personal standpoint… if someone doesn’t want other people talking to them on Snapchat just because they changed their number or whatever that reason may be, then now they don’t have to tell anybody about it and instead “fake” removing their account lol. Maybe I’m looking into this way too deep though haha. While I agree with your last point – Snapchat should not have implemented this reactivation feature – there are definitely ways of going around this without losing money. For example, how about we all start ignoring the feature and leave it at that. I already told my friends to ignore any new login attempts so……yeah, who knows what Snapchat is going to do but they’d definitely lose more users over this in my opinion. But from a business perspective, if they need money, maybe they could have made it free for a month or two?? And also why did the reactivation charge $5?? What’s up with that? Like even if you do pay for your account back everybody now knows your username again anyway lol Sooooooo yeah! @Snapchat – Just sayin’ OH SNAP!

Definitely agree with you here–I don’t think it was a good call on Snapchat’s part, despite their (valid) reasons… The point of having an app that is based off of temporary content anyway is so as not to have to worry about what others unknowingly or knowingly can see in the long run. Now if users decide they want to really delete their account permanently, then maybe this reactivation fee might make sense? But at the same time, I feel like this reactivation feature might even be more problematic than just letting people know someone deleted their old account And besides all that, there are additional concerns…. Wouldn’t you think there will be a lot of people trying to reactivate their accounts every day? Snapchat’s servers might not be able to handle all those requests in a timely fashion. I mean, how many times are they going to charge you $5 before your suspended account becomes reactivated?! And then what if Snapchat does go under… all that money spent on reactivating accounts is essentially gone for good!

There are so many reasons why this is bad business-wise and just as a whole for the users. For one thing, it takes away the privacy aspect of an app like Snapchat. If you think about it from a business perspective, developing platforms nowadays – especially social media apps such as Snapchat or Twitter – requires tons of money and resources every year. How else would they be able to afford all that if not for the revenue they make from investors or users? And in order to keep making money, these companies usually invest a lot of their time and resources into developing new features for their users as opposed to fixing bugs (which should actually be a priority). In this case, Snapchat released what seems like a pretty cool feature, but maybe it could have been better thought out. Oh well… guess we’ll see where things go

I love this idea! It makes some sense though. So if someone has an account, then deactivate it and reactivate it again after 6 months or so, you’d have to pay 5 dollars again since you missed those days???? I think Snapchat needs to have an option to fix that. 🙂

would it be possible to use this method for other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc? I know you would lose followers when reactivating a Snapchat account but with the others, there wouldn’t be any issues with lost followers I guess because there are many ways of getting followers on those platforms. Its all in the way you market your brand/self there. This will be a good idea if Chinese users could also get their accounts back by paying a fee since they have been severely affected by this change.

i think this is just a money-making scheme for Snapchat… i mean like if you are gonna pay $5 just to have an account that is already inactive why not just make it free? Do you know what this means.. people will be making second accounts now so they can sell them for money lol. Reply Delete

This is a good idea. It’s great to see Snapchat respond with updates and improvements, rather than the usual buggy crap we see from many other apps out there. I am hoping though that these changes in functionality come with a revised privacy policy/terms of service. For instance, while most users likely would agree to have their geolocation data saved and sold to third parties (because seriously, who doesn’t want the Foursquare or Google Maps business)

What do friends see when you deactivate Snapchat?

When your account is deactivated, friends will no longer be able to contact or interact with you on Snapchat. After 30 days without use of the app, your account and all content within it will be permanently deleted.

Will your friends know if you deactivate Snapchat?

Your friends would not see you, via some social networking site which requires a log in and password to view, unless you’ve deactivated your account.

When you deactivate Snapchat Can others see my profile?

Apparently if you delete your account and not just the app, then your friends will also be unable to send messages.

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