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What do I do if I lost my PC Optimum card?


Please visit PC Optimum Member Support at https://www.pci-optimum.com/help for assistance in deactivating your PC Optimum card or calling 1-866-727-6468 for help.

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What happens if I lost my PC Optimum card?

Please contact PC Optimum Member Care or call 1-866-727-6468 if you have misplaced your PC Optimum card. Then, simply go to your local store and obtain a new card to add to your existing account at www.pcoptimum.ca. Thank you very much for contacting us!

How do I transfer my PC Optimum points to a new card?

Click on Sign In after clicking the “Login” button. Enter your email address and password for your PC Optimum account when prompted. Select Account from the bottom of the screen after entering your credentials. Click on Message Us to send a message. Transfer points are available by clicking on Transfer points.

How do I get a new PC card?

You may request a replacement card by singing into your PC Financial online account and choosing Replace Card from the drop-down menu. Your new card will arrive in up to 10 business days. Please keep in mind that when you order a new card, we will immediately deactivate your old one. To begin, click here.

How do I find my PC points number?

Click on Sign In in the top right corner of the screen. Enter your email address and password for your PC Optimum account, then OK. Select Points at the top of the page if you want to see how much money you have left on your points balance or how much value is still available.

How do you get an optimum card?

You may get a PC Optimum card at nearly 2500 of our almost 3000 stores; simply ask the cashier at checkout. If you have a PC Financial Mastercard®, it will automatically function as your PC Optimum card and is all you need to earn points at participating retailers.

Can you get a second PC Optimum card?

Make sure you have enough cash in your wallet. You may also get a physical card in addition to your PC Optimum app the next time you shop. Just remember to connect the new card to your PC Optimum account using the web or app under “Manage Cards,” then choose “Add a Card.” This will ensure that all of your PC Optimum points are combined.