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What does BIGO stand for?


BIGO stands for BigO Live, which is a live streaming software where users may see videos of themselves and others. The BIGO community is made up largely of smartphone users who live stream video to the rest of the world via their devices. Users may simply select an icon on the top right-hand side of the screen to broadcast in public

How To Use Bigo Live App

What does MK mean?

“Mm OK” is a popular phrase on Snapchat. This jargon is usually utilized to say yes, confirm a statement, or agree to something. People also use MK to terminate a discussion before it even begins by sending them an emoji of an angry face with its tongue sticking out.

How does BIGO make money?

“I made Rs 16,000 in May by achieving Bigo Live’s goal of acquiring 5 million followers. Your followers will increase as your audience grows. Users may make up to $1000 per month by meeting goals on time. Virtual gifts may be used to get money.

How much is a BIGO beans worth?

Beans are converted to 1 Diamond in the same way as Loops. 180 Beans converts to 1 Diamond, much like the previous example. According to the screenshot above, 210 Beans is worth $1. This equals to $1.35 based on their calculation. To make $1000, the Bigo streamer must earn 158,730 Beans (155

How much is a family shield worth on BIGO?

The diamonds may also be used to purchase virtual presents, such as a ‘Christmas tree’ worth one diamond or a ‘family shield’ with 999 diamonds, for content producers.

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