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What does boosting do on wishbone?


Boosting will make the bid that you’ve placed for a product on Wishbone an automatic winner. The effect lasts for 24 hours regardless of how many other people are bidding.

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Boosting is one of the features on Wishbone, which is an app to buy or sell second hand items online in Ireland.

You can boost your current item, or another item you want to purchase, by placing a bid with it.

A successful purchase activates the ‘boost’ feature which turns all bids into winners regardless of other bids within 24 hours of making your purchase.

Something important about this feature is that there’s no limit or auction end date when using it meaning interested parties can continue bidding while waiting for someone else to want their offer too before they are given the product.

What does feature mean on wishbone?

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Can you get money from Wishbone?

Wishbone is receiving a small sum of money from the app, which is interspersed with video commercials. The business also has access to a significant

How do I make my wishbone private?

There are no private accounts at Wishbone. Their profile is entirely open and available to the public. Teens are unable to choose who follows them.

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