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what happened to my old yahoo emails


  1. Your old Yahoo emails are likely still sitting in your Yahoo account, unless you deleted them or migrated them to another service.
  2. If you want to access them, you can log into your Yahoo account and view them there.

what happened to my old yahoo emails

Find missing email in Yahoo Mail

What happened to my old Yahoo emails?

Your old Yahoo emails are still there! Yahoo just changed the way their email system works, so now your email address is your [email protected] To access your old emails, just go to https://mail.yahoo.com and sign in with your new username and password.

How far back does Yahoo keep emails?

There are a few ways to find out if someone has your number. One way is to look up your number in a public directory. Another way is to ask the person if they have your number.

Does Yahoo automatically delete old email accounts?

Yes, Yahoo does automatically delete old email accounts. However, you can contact Yahoo customer service to ask them to keep your account active.

Can you recover Yahoo emails from years ago?

Yes, you can recover old Yahoo emails. To do this, you’ll need to log into your Yahoo account and go to the “Account Info” page. From there, select the “Data Tools” tab and then click on the “Restore Emails” button. You’ll then be able to select the date range for which you want to restore emails.

How can I recover my yahoo mail 10 years ago?

If you’re looking to recover your Yahoo Mail from 10 years ago, your best bet is to contact Yahoo Support. They may be able to help you restore your account from their archives.

Why is my yahoo mail not showing all emails?

There could be a few reasons why your Yahoo Mail isn’t showing all of your emails. One possibility is that they’re all in your spam folder. To check, open your spam folder and see if they’re all there. If they are, you can mark them as not spam so they’ll show up in your inbox next time.
Another possibility is that they’ve been automatically deleted. To check this, open the “Deleted” folder in your Yahoo Mail.

Can you recover emails from years ago?

Yes, email can be recovered from years ago. Depending on the email service and how long the emails have been stored, they may be available in the user’s account or in an archived file.

Can you retrieve old emails?

Yes, you can retrieve old emails. The process for doing so depends on the email service you are using. Generally, you can either search for old emails by date or by keyword, or you can restore all of your old emails to your inbox.

How do I recover an inactive Yahoo email account?

First, try logging in to your Yahoo account and see if it prompts you to reactivate it. If not, you can try the following steps:
Go to the Yahoo Account Recovery page.
Enter your email address and click “Next.”
Check your email account for a message from Yahoo titled “Yahoo Account Recovery: Verify Your Identity.”
Follow the instructions in the message to verify your identity and reactivate your account.

How long are emails kept?

Emails are typically kept for a period of 7 years. However, if they are deemed to be of a historical nature, they may be kept for longer.

Why did my old emails disappear?

There are a few possible reasons why your old emails disappeared. One possibility is that they were deleted from your account as part of an automatic cleanup process. Another possibility is that they were accidentally deleted or lost. Finally, it’s also possible that your email provider experienced a technical issue that caused all of the emails in your account to be temporarily lost. If you’re not sure what happened, it’s best to contact your email provider for more information.

How do I retrieve an email that disappeared?

If your email has disappeared, it’s likely that it was deleted from your inbox. To retrieve a deleted email, you can search your Trash or Spam folders. If the email is not in either of those folders, it may have been permanently deleted and you will not be able to retrieve it.

What happens old email?

Most email providers have a feature that allows you to delete old emails after a certain number of days or months. If you don’t delete them, they will eventually be automatically deleted by the provider.

How long do emails stay in archive?

Emails generally stay in an archive for about 7 years.

Do email addresses expire?

Email addresses do not expire, but they can become inactive if the account is not used for a certain period of time.