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What happened to my Usajobs account?


Information is never at risk of getting lost or deleted when you use login.gov because it will link back to your USAJOBS account.

What Happens to My Resume When It’s Sent to the Hiring Official?

Navigating USAjobs.gov: Creating Your Account Profile

How do you delete a linked PSN account?

On the PlayStation Support website, in the search bar type close account. Select Link for How to close your account for PlayStation Network.

What if my email address is wrong?

If you’ve already updated or changed anything about yourself in the profile (like uploading a photo of yourself) but have yet to enter an email address, do not worry! This system will recognize you regardless because all of these updates are tied into whichever email address was associated with your Usajobs account before the shutdown. If you want to make some specific changes like updating your email address, you will need to be logged in specifically under that updated email address.

How do I know if my job is secure?

Okay, so OPM may be down but does that mean your job search has come to an end completely as well? Absolutely not! There are still plenty of sites out there which connect people with ALL types of law enforcement jobs… it’s just confusing because many of them look very similar to the OPM site. The key to finding the right job is making sure you are using a reputable source that is actively hiring in your area today (not just connecting you with career advice/tips/goodies). For example, we are constantly updating our main website usacops.com so that people can search for jobs by state (or metro area) directly from our own database of listings!

What should I do once I’m in my account?

Pay attention to the instructions that pop up on-screen once you are signed in for the first time. They are very important! You need to fill out some information about yourself so that your new account will have all the necessary details and information OPM needs to best help you (and your future employer) find you. You’ll have to upload a picture of yourself and answer some basic questions about who you are, where you’ve worked, what schools you’ve attended, etc. Fill these out as accurately as possible so that when an agency searches for someone with your skillset, it’s easy for them to find YOU! Once you make it through this set-up process and fill out all the information the system needs from you, be sure to save . This will ensure nothing gets lost if OPM ever shuts down your account again in the future!

How can I get back into my account?

You’re in luck! You are able to access your account again! Your username and password are the same as they were before. If you’ve forgotten either one, just click the “forgot my password?” link below and enter your username or email address on-screen. A new temporary password will be sent right away: ​

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