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What happens if I delete my discord account?


When you delete your account, Discord overwrites messages from you to the group and chat participants by renaming them with “Deleted User.” The messages themselves cannot be viewed or accessed, preserving both the flow of a conversation and private messages between two people.

Deleting an account + What happens afterwards

What happens when you delete a discord account?

What happens if I leave my guild’s primary server?

If you leave a server that your guild is on, then you will no longer have access to the voice channels of your guild. It’s suggested that if you plan to leave your primary server for whatever reason (transferring countries, for example), please let us know in advance so we can move your account and avoid losing access to your voice channels.

What’s going on with servers over 2500 users?

We’ve recently implemented a feature called “Dynamic Servers” that will improve server stability and bump up the largest servers to 2500 members. If you’re currently part of a server that is being restructured, then it should be completed within 24 hours (though usually much sooner). This isn’t applied retroactively, so if you’ve been a member of your server for at least 30 days prior to this change then you shouldn’t need to do anything. For more information on Dynamic Servers.

How do I use Guild Channels?

Guild Channels are a feature that will eventually allow guilds to be searched in Discord’s client and accessed from a dedicated screen. It also allows guild admins to store information about their histories, members, and more: To create a Guild Channel for your guild: 1) Invite the bot “DiscordBot#5541”; 2) type [guild] in any text channel; 3) type `create` (without quotes). After creating the channel, an invite link should appear below the prompt. Send this link to any potential recruits or friends so they can join you on your adventure! If you have any questions while using Guild Channels, please feel free to ask about them in the Guilds & Server Support category.

Can I archive guilds?

Absolutely! In the future, we hope that you’ll be able to view and access your entire history of guilds through a feature called Guild Channels . However, this isn’t yet implemented in all servers and will be announced once it rolls out globally. For now, if you plan on going inactive with a particular guild or want to remove it from Discord altogether, there are two options: 1) delete the entire server; 2) disable the guild entirely. If your intention is just to make an archive so others can view it later, then you can just disable it.

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