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What happens if you delete your EA account?


  1. Account deletion is permanent and can never be reversed.
  2. Deleting an account erases your personal account information from our account and customer services databases. Permanently.
  3. Once your account is deleted you’ll lose access to your games, subscriptions, and in-game purchases associated with the account.

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How do I permanently delete my EA account?

Select the object type you want to search for by clicking a drop-down menu in the Search Bar. To view your accounts, go to Account Management under Settings. After selecting your platform, click ‘Account Management.’ Fill out the form with this information: Entering Close My Account in the provided field is one option. Select one of these options from a drop-down menu in the Search Bar: Select an account and then press . The icon will appear next to your name when you’ve been associated with it for long enough.

Do inactive EA accounts get deleted?

Only games that have been maliciously idle will be deleted, not those with no accounts at all.

How do I reactivate my EA account?

Contact help.ea.com/ using chat or phone to regain access to your account. Once they have confirmed you are the actual owner of the account, your account will be reactivated. Please keep in mind that this procedure is designed to secure your account and is a major concern for us.

How do I delete my EA account on ps4?

Go to the Account settings portal of your Electronic Arts account. nClick on Connections in the left column. Locate the account you wish to unlink and click Unlink next to it in the right column.

Why is my EA account ineligible?

Your gamertag is already linked to another EA account if you receive an invalid message. You should be logging into the account your gamertag is linked to instead.

What EA account is linked to my PS4?

You may check your PlayStation ID in the Connected Accounts area of your profile, found at https://myaccount.ea.com/. Alternatively, you may contact EA Advisors for assistance.

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