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What happens to my linked accounts if I delete Facebook?


  1. If you permanently delete your account, you will not be able to regain access to your account again, ever.
  2. Most personally identifiable information is removed from the Facebook database.
  3. But some may remain such as your name if you sent a message to someone else.

How to remove linked accounts from Facebook?

How to remove linked accounts from Facebook?

What happens to linked accounts when you delete Facebook?

If you delete your account on Facebook, all of your other accounts that are linked to it will be deleted as well. For example, if you have a Twitter account linked with Facebook and you delete Facebook, then your Twitter account will also be deleted.

Will deleting Facebook delete other accounts?

No, deleting your Facebook account will not delete other accounts. However, if you’re using Facebook to log into other websites and apps, then those accounts will be deleted as well.

How do I delete linked accounts on Facebook?

To delete linked accounts on Facebook, log in to the account you want to delete and click on the “Accounts” tab. Click on the “X” next to the other account you want to delete and then confirm your choice.

Will my Instagram get deleted if I delete Facebook?

No, your Instagram account will not be deleted if you delete Facebook.

How do I delete a Facebook account without losing everything?

To delete your Facebook account, go to the Account Settings page. You can find this by clicking on the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page and selecting “Settings”.
Then click on “General” in the left column, then select “Manage Your Account”.
Next, click on “Deactivate your account” in the right column. When you do this, Facebook will ask you to enter your password.

How do you really delete your Facebook?

There are a couple of ways to delete your Facebook account. You can go to your Settings and then click on the “Delete my account” button. If you don’t want to do this, you can just deactivate your Facebook account by going to Settings again and clicking on “Deactivate my account.

Can two Facebook accounts be linked?

Yes. To link two Facebook accounts, go to the “Settings” tab on the left side of the screen and select “Apps.” From there, you can manage your apps and select which ones are connected with your account.
After selecting the app, click “Link Account.” You will then be prompted to enter your password for that account.

How do you see what accounts are linked to your Facebook?

To see what accounts are linked to your Facebook, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=account&view as seen in the screenshot below.
Facebook has made it easy to view what accounts are linked to your Facebook account by making this information available on its website. This is done by visiting https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=account&view and then clicking “show” under “connected apps and websites.

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