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What happens when AWS free tier expires?


  1. Your account will be automatically charged for the services you’ve been using at the end of the 12-month period.
  2. You can avoid being charged by either stopping or reducing your usage of AWS services, or by upgrading to a paid subscription.

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What is AWS free tier ?

What happens after 12 months of AWS free tier?

After 12 months of AWS free tier, your account will be charged for the services that you have used. You will be notified before your account is charged.

What happens when free tier expires?

The free tier of a service usually expires after a certain amount of time, such as a year. After the free tier expires, the user is usually charged for using the service.

What happens if you exceed AWS free tier?

If you exceed the AWS free tier, you will be charged for the resources you use. The amount you are charged will depend on the type of resources you use and the pricing plan you select.

Will AWS charge me after free trial?

No, AWS will not charge you after your free trial. Your account will simply expire after the trial period is over.

How long can I use AWS free tier?

The AWS free tier includes 12 months of free access to a limited number of AWS services.

Does AWS charge automatically after 1 year?

No, AWS does not charge automatically after 1 year. You will need to renew your subscription in order to continue using AWS services.

How do I deactivate my AWS Free Tier account?

To deactivate your AWS Free Tier account, follow these steps:
Open the AWS Management Console.
In the navigation pane, choose Accounts.
Choose the account you want to deactivate.
Under Status, choose Deactivate.
Follow the instructions on the screen.

Is DB t3 Micro free tier?

Yes, the t3 Micro instance is free on the AWS Free Tier.

Is Route 53 included in free tier?

Yes, Route 53 is included in the free tier.

Is AWS free for Prime members?

No, AWS is not free for Prime members. However, Prime members do receive a discount on AWS services.

How do I reactivate my AWS Free Tier account?

If you have not used your AWS Free Tier account in the last 12 months, it may have expired. To reactivate your account, follow these steps:
Go to https://aws.amazon.com/free/ and sign in with your existing AWS account credentials.
Click on the “Reactivate” button next to the account that you want to reactivate.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reactivation process.

How do I use AWS free tier without credit card?

You can use AWS without a credit card by creating an account and selecting the “AWS Free Tier” option. This will give you access to a limited number of services for free.