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What happens when you delete hangouts?


If you delete the app, then all of your conversations will be deleted. If you only delete the account, then all of your chats will still be there. When you delete Google Hangouts, the messages are stored on your Google account. This means that you can still access them from other devices.


Manage or Delete Your Hangouts History

What happens when you delete hangouts?

Deleting your messages in Gmail and Hangouts will also delete them from the opposite app. Unless they are received through Google Chat, our enterprise offering won’t allow two-way deletions.

What happens if you uninstall hangouts?

If you uninstall Google Hangouts, absolutely nothing will happen. If you have a rooted phone, you can remove the application without problems at any time and it won’t harm your device or other Google applications.

How do I know if someone has deleted me on Hangouts?

You won’t know if someone has removed the Hangouts app from their mobile device, but it is possible to delete the app and notification settings in Settings -> App Info.

How to get back deleted Google hangouts on Android or iPhone?

To recover a deleted conversation, download Hangouts from the Play Store (or App Store) and sign in with your account. If you’re signed in to a different Google Account from the one that originally had the conversation, follow these steps: At the top, tap Menu. Tap Settings Accounts Add account Choose the account that you want to add, then enter its credentials. After signing out of an account, you may need to wait for some time before deleting it completely. When Hangouts asks if you want to delete your information from that Google Account, say yes. If this doesn’t fix the issue with your chat history, call or chat with us. For details about how to delete a conversation, check out what happens when you delete Hangouts.

Can I safely uninstall Hangouts?

If you downloaded Google Hangouts from the Play Store, go to your App Settings and uninstall it. If you have an Android device with pre-installed Google Hangouts, it’s not possible to fully remove it. However, it is possible to deactivate Google Hangouts.

Can Hangouts app be traced?

Google has removed the capability to share your location in Hangouts for Android with an update. The ability to share one’s location in Hangouts is rather limited, and it does not give real-time tracking like Google Maps.

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