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What happens when you delete your Tumblr account?


  1. You may lose any posts you’ve made on Tumblr. If you’ve connected your Tumblr account to your Facebook or Google+ accounts, those posts might also be lost.
  2. Your followers might stop following you if they’re subscribed to your posts via email or RSS.
  3. You may no longer be able to view any of the content onTumblr servers or apps, includingTumblr blogs and communities that use the Tumblr platform for membership and content sharing.
  4. Any comments left on posts after you delete your account will no longer be visible to others, even if they’re still active in your follower list.

How To Delete Your Tumblr Account

How to Delete Your Tumblr Account Permanently 2020

Does deleting your Tumblr delete messages?

Takeaways: How to Delete Your Tumblr Account? Once you confirm the deletion request, everything on your account will be permanently deleted from the site. The exception is any content on your group blogs; these will remain active.

Do all your Tumblr posts disappear when you delete your account?

It is possible for your content to remain on the site even after you delete your account. Tumblr users who have reblogged your post must manually delete it or else it will stay up, which may create confusion when people search for you by name.

What about all the photos and stuff?

Any posts, reblogs, tags, likes, text or other content that you created on your blog will be deleted. Media files (photos and videos) that were uploaded to your blog will also be removed from Tumblr’s servers within 60 days of your account being deleted. You can download the media files before this happens through our Download Your Data tool. Photos and videos stored in a third-party service like Dropbox that have been posted to your blog will also be removed by us once we receive confirmation from the service itself that they have been deleted; unless there are technical reasons preventing us for doing so, as is sometimes the case with sites on which you’ve reserved a custom domain name where the domain name and the hosted files live in different accounts.

How do I delete my Tumblr account?

You can delete your account from the Account Settings page, by tapping “close” at the bottom of the screen. You will then be prompted to provide a reason for closing your account and have an opportunity to download your data before proceeding. After confirming, you will no longer be able to sign in to Tumblr with that username or recover it if you change your mind. To learn more about how our deletion process works, please see our help center article on Content Deletion. Can I use someone else’s blog as my own? Can someone else use my blog as theirs? What’s a “remnant blog”? (Note: We do not accept banner ads or any other monetization of Tumblr blogs in exchange for providing written content.)
No. (This answer is fairly straightforward, but it’s the most common reason we remove accounts from our platform these days.) A remnant blog is a blog that retains its original creator’s name and remains up on the site after they’ve deleted their account; this often happens when someone hasn’t deleted all of their posts before closing their account. Read more here about how remnant blogs work and why they’re problematic.

What can I do with my blog if I want to shut it down?

If you’d like to move your blog elsewhere (for example, you want to transfer your website contents somewhere else or archive old posts at another location), it’s possible to do this by exporting your blog contents through our Download Your Data tool. This tool is available from your Account Settings page, and you’ll need to enter an email address where we can send the download link before using it. Once you’ve done so, we’ll email a link that will give you access to download all of the data associated with your blog in one zip file or folder; if there are multiple people with access to your account (for example, as part of family plans for up to five users), only those who have each provided us with their respective email addresses will be able to download their own data from the account. Unfortunately, downloading your data doesn’t free up space on Tumblr’s servers—it only transfers files off of them to your local computer or another hosting service. If you’d like to delete your account entirely, you can do so by accessing our deletion help center article instead.

Is deactivating the same as deleting Tumblr?

Tumblr is a popular social media platform that allows users to create blogs, share photos and videos, and connect with friends. Recently, the company announced that it would be deactivating its blog platform. This means that all blogs created on Tumblr will no longer be accessible after March 17th. However, it is important to note that deleting Tumblr does not exactly equate to deactivating the platform – blogs can still be accessed if they are archived or if they are copied onto another website. Many users are concerned about the implications of this announcement, as it seems like Tumblr is slowly abandoning its blog base. Some have speculated that this move is intended to make way for a new platform which better suits the company’s business goals. Others feel that this decision was unnecessary and counterproductive given the fan backlash against Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram.

How long does it take for Tumblr to delete account?

Tumblr is a social media platform that allows users to post and share photos, videos, and text. Tumblr was started in 2007 by David Karp and then bought by Yahoo! in 2013 for $1 billion.
A user’s Tumblr account can be deleted for a number of reasons, including if the user is no longer using the account or if the account has been inactive for a period of time. Inactive accounts are typically deleted after six months, but this timeframe can vary depending on the case.
It typically takes Tumblr about two weeks to delete an inactive account. However, sometimes an account may take longer if it contains personal information or violates Tumblr’s policies.

Can you get a Tumblr account back after deleting?

Yes, you can get a Tumblr account back after deleting. To do this, follow these steps:
Log in to your Tumblr account.
Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page.
Under “Your Account,” click “Deactivate Your Account.”
Enter your username and password and click “Next.”

How do you know if your Tumblr got deleted?

If you’re wondering how to tell if your Tumblr account got deleted, there’s not really a definitive answer. Checking for confirmation in your dashboard may or may not be conclusive. Additionally, some third-party services that track Tumblr activity (like Tumblr’s analytics) may not show an account deletion until sometime after the fact. If you’ve tried all of the above and still can’t get a clear answer, then it’s likely that your account was deleted – sorry!

Can I hide my Tumblr?

Do you want to keep your Tumblr account hidden from the public? You can do this by changing your settings. Go to your Tumblr dashboard and click on “Your Account” in the top left corner. Then, under “Settings,” select “Privacy.” Here, you’ll have a few options for how you want to share your content: by default, all of your posts are public; you can choose to make some posts private (only people you follow will see them); or you can make all of your posts private (no one else will see them). If you’d like to hide a post that’s already been made, just click on the arrow next to the post’s title and select “Hide Post.

How do I make my Tumblr private?

To make your Tumblr private, follow these steps: 1. Open your Tumblr dashboard. 2. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the main screen. 3. Select Settings from the menu that appears. 4. Under Privacy, click on the toggle switch next to Public Posts to turn it off. 5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to finish setting your privacy preferences.

How long does Tumblr keep your data?

Tumblr is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and blogs. The platform also allows users to post links to other websites and posts. Tumblr keeps user data for approximately two years.

Do Tumblr accounts expire?

Tumblr is a popular social media platform where users can share text, images and videos. Tumblr accounts have a six-month expiration date, which means that the account will expire in six months. However, if the user logs in to their account before the expiration date, their account will stay active until they log out. If the user does not log in for six months, their account will be deleted.

Why can’t I delete my Tumblr account?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to delete your Tumblr account. For example, if you’ve signed in using a Tumblr account that is associated with a Google account, deleting the Tumblr account might cause some of your Google services to stop working. Additionally, some Tumblr features (like blogs) require that your account be active in order to be used.

Why did my Tumblr disappear?

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform with millions of users. Recently, Tumblr has been experiencing problems with its user accounts. Some users have had their account suspended, while others have experienced their blogs disappearing without any explanation. Some speculate that Tumblr is going through a rebranding or restructuring process, which could be why some users’ accounts have been suspended or their blogs have disappeared. However, there is no clear answer as to why these things are happening.

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