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What happens when you pause your account on Zoosk?


When you pause your account, Zoosk discontinues sending any messages to your active connections. Yet it still stores all data that is associated with you. When unpausing the account, this data will resume functioning as planned.


Constructive criticism on Zoosk.com

I have noticed that there are not many real reviews out there online about Zoosk from its actual users like myself, but what I have seen are mainly fictitious reviews posted by customers who had issues with their accounts and wish to vent their frustration in hopes of a monetary reward or just for kicks. This is why I decided to write something more helpful today. In my opinion, Zoosk isn’t all bad and neither am I! Come join me on my adventures with them as they unfold…or don’t!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I decided to pause my profile in the first place and why I didn’t simply cancel my account instead. Well, it’s because of two reasons:

1. If you cancel your Zoosk account, they will not refund any part of your membership which means all those dollars you poured into your account while you were on it will be lost forever. This did happen to a lot of people when the site was new since there was much hype about the website back then that attracted members by the droves! The company had no choice but to keep absorbing these losses as they went along with their business, so thankfully for us, their customer base wasn’t affected too much by this. However at present time (2009), if you’re having issues with the service you may be able to get a reprieve from your membership fees if you complain the right way.

2. When you pause your account, Zoosk will keep all of your profile data and it can be restored at any time, which means that even if I close my account today but decide to open another one tomorrow under a different screen name, all of my information (photo gallery, messages, etc.) would still be there like nothing ever happened. All I’d have to do is log in with my credentials and I’d be back on the site again without having to start over! Therefore pausing my account allows me to save up money for future premium memberships while not losing out on thousands of dollars worth of messages/credits. By comparison, if you cancel your account they will not keep anything and you have to start all over again from scratch as a new member which is not ideal in my case right now…

Can I delete my Zoosk account?

How did I pause my Zoosk profile?

I paused my Zoosk account on January 20th, 2009 by going into the tab that said “My Account”, then hovering my cursor over the banner that said “Self Service” and click on the link it had underneath it instead of logging into the actual site itself directly. This took me to a login page where I entered my username and password, but this time it wouldn’t let me through since I was already logged on with someone else’s account. I then clicked on the option that said “I’d like to pause my account”, which took me to another page where I read their little note about why you should pause your account if it’s not an emergency and saw a big yellow button called “Pause”. After reading this, I clicked on the button to confirm that I did indeed want to do this, but instead of taking me back to my profile homepage or whatever it was supposed to do, all it did was open up a small text box for me type in some quick notes as to why I paused my account. After typing a couple of lines in there, I pressed submit and was done with everything! No refresh buttons, no log-out warning messages…nothing at all. I thought the process was way too straightforward and simple, but hey, that’s Zoosk for you!

Zoosk Paused Profile While Paused Zoosk Active Profile While Active

I have been on and off Zoosk a few times over the past couple of years while trying to “build up” my profile again. It would be nice if I could somehow keep building it from where I left off each time, especially since the site is one of the more popular ones online today with millions of members all around the world! The fact that pausing your account will not stop you from contacting others or receiving messages is huge in my opinion as well. Other sites such as Match.com(review) require you to cancel your account if you’re going away for an extended period of time in order to prevent you from coming back later and saying it was someone else who used their email address to create all of the accounts. It’s a cool feature to have but it should be somewhat optional, especially if you already created your profile before they added this function.

What happens when you pause your account on Zoosk?

When you pause your account, Zoosk discontinues sending any messages to your active connections. Yet it still stores all data that is associated with you. When unpausing the account, this data will resume functioning as planned.

Why does a profile disappear on Zoosk?

If someone appears offline after a few days of getting to know them, it is probable that they blocked you.

How do I hide on Zoosk?

Open the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. Tap on Settings and then click on Account Status. After clicking Close, tap on Pause Account.

Can you go incognito on Zoosk?

Zoosk lets you keep your profile private if you like. You can do this by either pausing your account or upgrading to Hide & Seek.

How much does it cost to go invisible on Zoosk?

Go Invisible is a premium feature that doesn’t hide your profile but does let you view other members without them knowing. It currently costs 30 Zoosk coins.

How can you tell the last time someone was on Zoosk?

Unfortunately, Zoosk does not have such a feature. The only thing it can tell you is whether the user has been active in the last seven days by showing a blue dot next to their name. Many people ask whether Zoosk plans to introduce “Last Seen” as the newest log-in option.

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