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What happens when you suspend your match account?


You can close your profile and suspend it for a set period of time. You will no longer receive notifications from the site, and you will be hidden to other members. It’s best suited for people who want to take a long hiatus from – perhaps because they’ve met someone on the site and want to see how things turn out before canceling their membership.

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What does suspend my account mean?

If your account is listed as being frozen, it usually indicates that you have an outstanding debt. In these situations, the account was shut down for an outstanding amount.

Can you freeze your match account?

You can stop your subscription by going to ‘Manage My Subscription’. To the left of the screen, click ‘Help’ and then ‘Suspend my account.’ To finalize, click ‘Suspend my account.’

Can you reactivate your match account?

Sign in to your account using your email address and password. If you’ve opted out of auto-renewal but haven’t yet finished your subscription term, you’ll see a “Reactivate” button on your profile. This icon will be located in the top navigation bar.

How do I un suspend my Match account?

To cancel your subscription, go to “My account settings” on any Match page and click “manage my subscription.” Confirm your login details and click “Continue the cancellation.”

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Match subscription?

Call the Match customer service number of 800-326-5161 to reach out. Tell them that you want to cancel your subscription and request a refund. Because there are over 9.9 million active subscribers on Match, you may expect to wait on hold for an extended period of time.

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