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What is a reroll in WOT?


Rolling for the perfect game is a key component in World of Tanks. Whether it’s to ensure your team has an even chance, or just to have some fun, rerolling can be a great way to improve your chances in-game. Here’s what you need to know about rerolling in World of Tanks.

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Casual day of reroll / reset player in World of Tanks?

What does reroll mean in gaming?

“Reroll” is an old RPG term used for the situation when you want to try again on something. In old RPGs, players rolled dice to “determine” things about their character, such as what numbers were displayed on the dice and how this would affect the player’s stats.

What would be my winrate when using this system? ​

Well, it depends 🙂 On one hand your winrate with the [request reroll] button will be mostly 50% but with [accept] it’s going to be similar to the result of your teammate (as in 90-98% depends on each case). So, when you see that your win rate is around 60-70%, then just don’t use this button and enjoy life.

How are these reports calculated? ​

So, we check your friend’s results (he pressed the [accept] button) for the battle outcome. Then we calculate WN8 and add info from you: whether he is an active player or not and if there was a chat in the game or not. If “active”/”no chat” is selected then detailed stats are checked above only, but if it’s “lazy/chatty” then both teams BRs + team details – like team ratio – are calculated to determine who made the most effort in winning the game (or at least survive it). You can read more about that on our site here

How are these reports saved by your site?​

Logs are directly loaded via HTTP API from our system database without any saves on our side or something else. Everyone who gets access to your account may see only last 10 BRs (plus every new battle report) with your nick, country and WN8 (in brackets). You can find this info from the [profile] tab. If you want to delete this data then go to the same place where you can change username/password/acess tokens – there will be an option to do it. But please note that earlier reports remain within our backups for 3 months just in case so if you change them now or later we still have all of them.

What happens when I accept and then decline a battle report myself? ​

Well, it’s like you accepted and declined your own report at the same time so we consider it as one declined +/- no logs/screenshots received in this period of time. You cannot do such again for 2 hours from first attempt (calculated since midnight server time).

What happens when my opponent declines roll? ​

You just send us his name and in 24 hour period from first decline he won’t be able to do it anymore.

What’s the maximum amount of battles I can decline per day? ​

​ Unlimited, but it will make your BRs get declined more often because the system takes into account your activity during a previous 24 hours. As soon as you have 10 declined BRs within last 24 hours (calculated since midnight server time), then another one will be declined too if it was partially declined previously. The limit resets every day 1 am server time.

Do I need to upload any screenshots? (or send logs?)

No! But you are strongly recommended to send your friend a screenshot showing the battle report in very beginning of the game (for example when both teams have only one tank each) and one on endgame screens where all tanks exploded at least. And as well do not forget about the chat window to show who said what 🙂 Oh, and also: if there was no chat during the game – then write in your report that there is no chat in this battle. You can do such report without uploading any screenshots or logs.

What if my friend declines roll? How come I can’t do it myself? (Or how come I cannot accept at least my own report?) ​

If someone accepts or declines your battle results within 1 hour since you pressed [accept] or [request reroll], then you can’t accept or decline this battle results even if you still want to. In case of dispute, if a player accepts his own result within 1 hour since he pressed [request reroll], then WG is going to leave it as it is.

What happens when we do not save logs?

As soon as you press “accept” or “request reroll”, logs are created automatically under your account name in our server database. Normally you should send it to some other player within an hour, otherwise you will get that popup (which has “Accept/Decline” buttons) from us with some time delay of maybe hours. Now if you’re not saving logs for whatever reasons, then don’t be surprised when we ask you to resend your battle report after one hour 😛

How does an automatic reroll work?

If a player has been declining or accepting most of his friend’s battles, then he can contact us and ask for autorerolling feature. Once enabled by server admin, this feature will be in effect 24 hours after the first decline. The player then can’t manually accept/decline any battle for 24 hours. If he declines a reroll then the game result is accepted and one BR is removed, if he accepts it then there’s no such thing as declined battle results for him and his current BR is saved.

What does reroll mean in games?

Rolling a die or some other random event to determine something in a game is called rerolling. It comes up in many different types of games, but there are some general rules about it that hold true no matter what the game. Roll-based decisions like whether to attack or run can be improved by rolling more than once, and sometimes players have options they might not have had if their initial roll was the only one taken.

Can you reset stats in World of Tanks?

Resetting stats in World of Tanks does not exist. Stats are set at the beginning of each battle and cannot be changed.

Is rerolling a word?

The question of whether or not rerolling is a word has been debated for years by language enthusiasts and professionals. Some people believe that it is, while others think that it’s not a word at all.
There are several reasons why people may debate this issue. For one, there’s no definitive answer to whether or not rerolling is a word because there isn’t an official definition for the term. Additionally, some words can be rolled into other words without changing their meaning, which makes it hard to determine if they’re actually separate words or just variations of each other.
Despite these arguments, many experts believe that rerolling is definitely a word and should be considered part of the English language. This opinion is based on the fact that there are definable instances in which rerolling occurs and it has specific meanings within the context of language use.

How do you make a new World of Warships account?

Making a World of Warships account is easy! First, you need to create an account at https://worldofwarships.com. Once you have an account, follow these simple steps:   1) Click the “Create Account” link in the upper right corner of the homepage.  2) Enter your full name and email address. 3) Click the “Create Account” button to finish creating your account. 4) You will be taken to a confirmation page where you will need to click on a link in order to activate your new account. 5) Congratulations! Your World of Warships account is now ready for use!

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