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What is GameStop membership value?


Saving 10% on preowned and/or trading items for the same item qualifies you to have a pro membership.

GameStop’s New Power up rewards Program

Is GameStop PRO membership worth it?

What does membership value mean?

A member’s value can be broken down into two categories: the perceived value, which is what people how might believe they get from you; and the actual value, which is what members get as a result.

Can you use membership value on GameStop?

Benefits of the Program cannot be resold, transferred, or exchanged for cash.

What are membership savings GameStop?

Earning Pro membership is virtually stress-free. When you trade-in old games, gaming systems, or headsets on the Pro Trading Floor and Sports Shop for 10% off new items.

Do you have to pay for a GameStop membership?

PowerUp Rewards is a free membership that gives you points for your purchases and other special offers.

What does GameStop give you for your birthday?

GameStop has discounts on pre-owned games for your birthday. The current offer available is 20% off your next purchase of a pre-owned game.

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