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What is guest session Ubuntu?


  1. Temporary session with restricted privileges The Ubuntu Guest Session feature provides a convenient way, with a high level of security, to lend your computer to someone else.
  2. A guest session can be launched either from the login screen or from within a regular session.

Ubuntu Install Guest Session

How to Disable Guest Account Session in Ubuntu 16.04

What is a guest session?

A guest session is a session that someone can use to log onto your computer, without the need to know your password. It’s generally used for troubleshooting or if you’re unable to access your account.

How do I open a guest session in Ubuntu?

Guest sessions in Ubuntu are not available by default. You can install a Guest Session Manager to make them available.

How do I create a guest account in Ubuntu?

To create a guest account in Ubuntu, you can use the following steps.
1) Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the terminal and type:
sudo adduser
2) Press Enter and enter your password.
3) Press Y and Enter to confirm the user creation.
4) Type: sudo passwd
5) Enter your password again and press Enter.

How do I disable guest account in Ubuntu?

To disable the guest account in Ubuntu, open up the terminal and enter the following commands:
sudo usermod -s /bin/false guest
sudo passwd -l guest

How do I remove a guest session?

To remove a guest session, go to the “Settings” tab and then select “Guest Sessions.” You can then choose to delete the active guest session or all of them.

How do I disable root login?

You can disable root login by editing the “sudoers” file and adding a line:
Then, restart the computer and try to log in as root. You should be prompted for your password.

What is the name for the guest account in Ubuntu Linux?

Ubuntu has a guest account that is enabled by default. The user can log in as Guest and access the system without changing any of the current configuration settings.

How do I completely remove Lightdm?

Remove the lightdm package from your system.

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