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What is Office Depot return policy?


  1. At Office Depot, we want to be sure that every purchase is the right one for You.
  2. If You are dissatisfied with Your purchase for any reason, You may return most items in their original packaging within 30 days of purchase for a replacement or full refund.

What Is Staples Return Policy?

Returning Office Depot Items

Does Office Depot charge restocking?

The return policy of OfficeMax allows you to exchange defective items for the same item within 14 days of purchase if they are returned in their original, unopened packaging. Within 14 days, opened technology products must be returned at a 15% restocking cost. You may exchange defective goods with the same product within 14 days after purchasing them.

What is this return policy?

The principles a firm establishes to handle how consumers return and exchange items they acquire are known as returns policies. A return policy informs clients what products may be returned and for which reasons, as well as the time frame over which returns are accepted.

How long do Office Depot refunds take?

If you paid by cash or a check issued more than 10 days ago, you will be refunded in cash. You will be reimbursed with an Office Depot OfficeMax Return Card if you paid with a check written less than 10 days ago or an Office Depot OfficeMax Gift Card.

Is Staples and Office Depot the same?

The merger of the two office supply chains was announced on Monday, May 14. The collaboration is intended to form a more unified United States brand for office products and services. The move comes as Staples has continued to pursue its proposed purchase of Office Depot. After a federal judge issued an injunction blocking the $6.3 billion deal on antitrust grounds in 2016, Staples and Office Depot called off their merger plans. In 1996, Staples attempted to acquire Office Depot but was rebuffed by the FTC.

What does Office Depot backorder mean?

Customers can place an item on back order when it is out of stock, but we expect to have it again in the future.

How does refund policy work?

The refund policy is a term of any refunds or returns that might be provided by the website or eCommerce store. You may wish to consult an online shop’s or website’s refund policy before making a purchase to ensure you are happy with the conditions.

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