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what is the end key on a mobile phone


The end key is a key on a mobile phone that is used to end a call.

what is the end key on a mobile phone

Mobile phone keypad shortcut keys !

What button is End?

End is the button that ends the game.

What if my keyboard doesn’t have an End key?

If your keyboard doesn’t have an End key, you can press the Ctrl+End keys to send the cursor to the end of the line.

What are the keys on a phone?

There are a number of different keys on a phone, including the power button, volume buttons, and home button. Each phone may be different, so it’s important to consult your user manual for specific instructions. Generally, the power button is used to turn the phone on or off, the volume buttons adjust the volume, and the home button takes you back to the home screen.

How many End keys are there on a keyboard?

There are three End keys on a keyboard – one in the upper-left corner, one in the upper-right corner, and one in the lower-right corner.

How do you press Control end?

To press Control-End, hold down the Control key and press the End key.

What does the Home key look like?

The Home key is a round, white button located in the lower-left corner of most computer keyboards. It is used to return to the beginning of a document or web page, or to open the Start menu in Windows.

Where is End in small keyboard?

The End key is located at the bottom-right corner of the keyboard.

What is the PN key?

The PN key is a security key used in WPA2-PSK authentication. It is used to generate the Pairwise Master Key (PMK), which is then used to encrypt data between the client and access point.

Where are Home and End keys?

The Home key is located at the upper left corner of most keyboards, while the End key is located at the upper right corner.

What does left soft key mean?

The left soft key is a key on a phone that performs a function that is different depending on the context. For example, in a text message, the left soft key might be used to add a contact, while in the web browser, it might be used to go back.

How many keys are on a mobile phone?

Most mobile phones have between 12 and 16 keys.

How do you use letters on a phone?

Letters on a phone are used to spell out words and complete sentences. By pressing the letter button on your phone, you can type out a message to someone.

What is Ctrl N?

Ctrl N is a keyboard shortcut used in Windows and MacOS that opens a new document or window.

What are the types of keys on the keyboard?

There are a few different types of keys on the keyboard. The most common type is the alphanumeric key, which is used to type letters and numbers. Other types of keys include the function keys, which are used to perform specific tasks, and the arrow keys, which are used to navigate around a document or web page.

What is Alt end?

Alt end is a term used in the programming world to describe an alternative way to end a loop or conditional statement. It is used when the normal way of ending the statement produces an error.

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