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What is UPS User ID?


To speed up your delivery process, save your shipping preferences, such as sender information and payment data, as well as your consumers’ addresses. You may also keep track of the status of each shipment in your own personal dashboard in addition to viewing the history of all shipments.

ups.com ID vs. UPS account number

There are two types of users in UPS. A primary user and a secondary user based on the field of activity.

An UPS identity is governed by an 8-bit identifier code called as UPS User Code. This code denotes the working level, type of work being performed on the UPS application, and its group/departmental details.

This difference between PROD (Production environment) and TEST (Test environment). The difference lies on the fact that production domain holds data which is considered as confidential while test can be easily discarded if required to do so without compromising any confidentiality or integrity issues. A person who operates in a Production environment will be referred to as a Primary User (PROD). On the other hand, the person who operates in a Test environment will be referred to as Secondary User

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There are two different scenarios under which user id can be extracted.

WARNING: Before proceeding, make a backup of your ups profile if any data is to be changed using the below steps.

Change the value of ‘Primary User’ or Secondary User’ field to PROD or TEST respectively and press Enter. The UPS application will now get temporarily locked until it gets unlocked by exiting from the UPS screen by pressing CTRL+C together. * Remember that this procedure will not delete existing Value but instead hides it from view..

Now go back to your ups profile using any specific command like RUN(Profile name), ssh, etc. and you will be able to see that there are two ‘hidden’ fields Primary User and Secondary User which can be accessed only by changing its values. <br />

Change the value of ‘Primary User’ or Secondary User’ field to PROD or TEST respectively and press Enter.

Go back to your ups profile using any specific command like RUN(Profile name), ssh, etc. and you will be able to see that a new field called “Primary User” is added besides the existing one. Now change this new field’s value with whatever your desired value is like john, tom, etc.

Go back again using SSH or any other command and you will be able to see a new value in your original field called ‘Primary User’.

This is it. You are done with changing UPS user ID.

Replaces old ups. conf with a new file(Eula or license). It is made of ASCII bytes only, so can be directly pasted into each line of the ups. conf and no character encoding should be necessary.<br />

Example: If we just want to have all rules (license agreements) accepted by default without consultation, then we could type this into the terminal screen:<br />

Enables one-time password support for UPS.

Example: To set up a one-time password server and generate, change the value of OneTimePasswordServer to the IP address of your server on which you want to have an OTP Server running.<br />

Sets the port number for telnet access.<ref name=”port”>The default FTP port is 21, but sometimes it needs to be changed to 2101, 2102, and so on. The reason for this is that some older operating systems (such as Windows 9x) do not support the default FTP port of 21.

Example: To change the telnet port from its default to 2201, follow these steps:<br />

Sets the number of retries before outputting a failure message when sending commands to the UPS.

To configure three retries when executing an SNMP SET command (in order to get accurate data), enter 3 into MaxCommandRetry.

What is a username ID?

A user ID is a username, account number, or email address that is used to log in to a website, app, or service. It’s important to have a unique username; many sites require an email address as part of the user ID for this reason.

What is user ID or username?

The user name by which a person is identified to a computer system or network.

What is an example of a user ID?

Using a user can identify you to the computer, and other computers. Joe B. User’s userid would be jbu3470 if his initials were “J” and he had a personal identification number.

What is meant by login ID?

The Customer’s Login ID is the identifier that ties their Password together for Electronic Service access.

How can I get someone else’s UPS account number?

You must choose a valid UPS account number. To charge fees to the receiver, go to the Add Shipping Options page and follow these instructions: Select Bill Receiver. Enter the receiver’s UPS account number and postal code for the account.

Do I need a UPS account to ship?

Creating an online label does not need a UPS account number because UPS Internet Shipping can be paid with a payment card such as a debit or credit card (where applicable). To send something, go to the Shipment screen and choose Create a Shipment.

Where is user administration on UPS?

Select Administration from the left side of the page, go to Manage Users, and choose Search Users. After searching, pick the user to modify from the list of results.

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