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WhatsApp: Bold, Monospace, Strikethrough and Italicise Text?


  1. WhatsApp supports the use of bold, monospace, strikethrough and italicized text.
  2. To use any of these features, simply type the desired text and then select the appropriate formatting option from the menu that appears above the keyboard.

How to write italic, bold, strikethrough, and FixedSys fonts in WhatsApp

Whatsapp new update new text style feature like Bold italic monospace june 2022

What is Monospace text in Whatsapp?

In Whatsapp, monospace text is text that is displayed in a fixed-width font, meaning that all letters take up the same amount of space. This is useful for creating lists or emphasizing text, as it makes everything look the same size.

What are the bold and italicized words?

The italicized words are used to emphasize a point, while the bolded words are used to get someone’s attention.

What do you call the bold italic and underline?

In typography, when text is styled with boldface, italics, and underlining, it is said to be “in typographic terms, quadruple-overlined” or “quadruple-underlined”.

How do I use Monospace on WhatsApp?

To use Monospace on WhatsApp, open a chat and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Select “More” and then “Font Style.” Select “Monospace” and your chat will now be in Monospace font.

What is Monospace used for?

Monospace is used to type in a fixed-width font, which is often used in programming.

Why some words and phrases are printed in bold?

Bold text is used to emphasize important words or phrases. It can help to draw attention to key information or instructions.

How do you italicize text on Android?

There is no one definitive way to italicize text on Android. Some methods include using the HTML tag, using the Android Markdown Editor, or using a third-party app.

What are the bold letters?

The bold letters are the most important part of the text.

How are bold italic and underline effect different?

Bold, italic, and underline are all ways to emphasize text. Bold is the strongest, followed by italic, then underline.

What are the shortcuts for bold italics and underline?

To bold text, use the asterisk (*) symbol before and after the text you want to bold.
To italicize text, use the underscore (_) symbol before and after the text you want to italicize.
To underline text, use the hyphen (-) symbol before and after the text you want to underline.

Why do you apply bold underline and italics to the text?

There are a few reasons why you might apply bold, underline, and italics to text.
Bold can be used to emphasize a word or phrase, to make it stand out from the surrounding text. It can also be used for headings or titles.
Underline can be used to emphasize a word or phrase, or to indicate that a hyperlink leads to more information about that word or phrase.

When should italics be used?

Italics are used to emphasize a word or phrase. They can also be used to indicate the title of a book, movie, or other work.

What happens when you select text and start typing new text?

When you select text and start typing new text, the old text is replaced with the new text.

How do you underline text using the keyboard?

To underline text using the keyboard, hold down the CTRL key and press the U key.

How do you make your text bold?

There are a few ways to make text bold in a document. The most common way is to use the “bold” formatting option in your word processing software. Another way is to use the “strong” HTML tag.

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