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When you delete a conversation on Facebook does the other person still have it?


Hi Christine, Messages that have already been sent cannot be unsent or removed from the recipients inbox. If you delete a message or conversation on your end, this means it will still be available on the recipients account unless they delete it themselves.

How To Delete All Conversation(Messages) On Facebook Messenger Permanently-Remove Chat History

How Do I Delete Conversations In Facebook Messenger

This question comes up often because many users actually get rid of their old messages, unfortunately they do not know that the conversation still exists on Facebook. The reason is quite clear: when you delete a conversation it does not disappear from your list of chats and text messages, but only from the list of participants. So if you are looking for a complete solution to erase all messages without leaving traces, you should use special programs or third-party websites. If you are looking specifically for something related to deleting messages on Facebook.

Does deleting a conversation on Messenger delete it for the other person?

The recipient’s inbox isn’t cleared when you use “delete” in the messenger, since this erases your version of the thread but not the other person’s. So don’t expect to be able to remove a message or discussion from your inbox by deleting it from your mailbox. It is not possible to wipe sent or received messages from a friend’s inbox.

When you delete a Facebook conversation can the other person still see it?

You can’t unsend a message or prevent the recipient from seeing it once you’ve sent it, as Facebook has said that such a feature may be added in the future.

How do I permanently delete my Facebook messages on both sides?

Tap and hold the message you wish to delete on your phone. Then pick Remove. When prompted, select Unsend if you want to remove the message for someone else. Confirm your choice when prompted to do so.

What happens when you delete a conversation on Facebook Messenger?

The message will be replaced with a text alerting all participants in the conversation that the message has been removed. You have up to 10 minutes after you send a message to remove it. If you just want to remove something for yourself, you can still do that at any time by selecting “Remove for You.”

Can the other person see deleted messages?

Is it possible for the recipient to view a message if I erase it? Yes. Regardless of what you do with the messages on your phone, the other person has it once you’ve sent a message.

When you block someone on Facebook does it delete the messages?

That’s a no-no. A conversation thread will not be deleted if you block someone. To put it another way, the old conversations will stay in Messenger and you’ll be able to read them until you remove the chat thread manually.

Do messages disappear if you delete Facebook?

People will be unable to discover your account if you cancel it. When you delete your account, no one will be able to see it on Facebook. Some of the activities conducted on Facebook aren’t recorded in your account. For example, even after you quit, a buddy may still have emails from you. That data remains when your account is deleted.

Can a blocked person still be able to see past conversations?

You won’t be able to contact them, but you will be able to see prior conversations since they can’t message you after you block them. Unless you erase past communications, experts advise keeping proof for official complaints if you are being bullied or harassed online.

What happens when you delete an Imessage conversation?

When you delete a message, attachment, or conversation on one device with Messages in iCloud enabled, it removes from all of your devices. You can’t retrieve a message once you’ve deleted it. If you don’t want to keep your conversations up to date across your devices, turn off the Messages in iCloud function.

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