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When you delete your tinder account does it still show up?


  1. Sign in to the Tinder Account.
  2. Tap the profile icon.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Select Delete Account.

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I have been messaging someone off Tinder for the last 4 days. We have a great back and forth when we message each other but she hasn’t added me yet. Could this be because I deleted my account about a week ago? Or does tinder still show that you were on the app even if you delete your account?

Tinder’s purpose is to match people, so it wouldn’t make sense for Tinder to allow users to unmatch after swiping right, basically undoing their decision. Even though swiping left isn’t “deleting” per se, it would also contradict the principle behind Tinder making matches. However, Tinder is only concerned with quickly connecting two people who are interested in one another; if they swipe left with the intention of unmatching and it takes longer than a day, will they be too impatient to wait for an undo? It seems like Tinder wouldn’t want users deleting their accounts once they matched.

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If she hasn’t added me after 4 days, should I just message her again as if we never messaged back and forth in the past? Or just message her to say thanks for being nice but that I’m done messaging until she adds me? Does this sound desperate or should I play it cool even though it’s been 4 days already? And what are your thoughts on getting a match so long (4+ days) after you’ve deleted your tinder account? Do you think she’ll add me then? Thank you!

EDIT: I’m not sure how I got into the mindset that Tinder would tell me if she viewed my profile, but it turns out that this is what happens when you read too much Reddit. She hadn’t actually set her settings to let us know if we “viewed” each other’s profiles or not yet (she just downloaded the app earlier today) so I thought everything was going fine and talking normally with minimal messaging would seem natural. It seems like now she’s setting up her account to see who views hers though so maybe things will happen more quickly? Or she’ll get bored and delete the app/account knowing that there are no possible matches left on Tinder… idk tinder rn.

EDIT 2: In response to some comments/questions

To answer your question, I don’t think she will add you just because it’s been 4 days. Especially since you deleted your tinder account (she might not know but people can guess), so she probably won’t be too quick to add you. But if she messages you like “hi I’m such-and-such” or tags someone else in a comment then it would be reasonable for her to expect that the matched person would reply back. If I were her, I’d try getting on WhatsApp instead as we’re still text-able there.

With regards to viewing each other’s profiles – once both parties swipe right they are able to view one another’s pictures. How long they view the pictures is probably up to them, but if you want to see what she looks like then it’ll be in her best interest for her to show off. There isn’t an option where one party can see the other profile immediately (unless Tinder updates), so both parties will have to swipe right and wait until their match goes through before viewing each other’s profiles in full.

With regards to unsolicited messaging – there are some people who do this with success (you get matched with someone new and you message first), but generally, it just turns out as a turn off for girls, especially when guys send messages saying “hey” or something equally unoriginal/desperate-sounding. I’m not sure about you, but if I matched with someone and they sent me the first message (asking “hey”), then I’d probably just assume that they’re desperate for a match and go on my way. Are you really interested in here though? It’s good to have confidence, but at the same time if you don’t sound genuinely interested or don’t show any effort to get to know her better through your conversation (instead of starting off with asking about sex/her looks), then she’ll think that it’s pointless for her to take a chance on you. Plus she might be confused why you decided to swipe right in the first place if all you want is sex from her.

How do you know if someone deleted tinder?

At first glance, Tinder appears to be an instantaneous and seamless process for finding potential partners. However, there are moments where it becomes extremely difficult because if someone deletes their account, they will no longer show up on your list of potential matches.

How do you know if you’re Shadowbanned on tinder?

You are receiving fewer matches and messages. You are warned about your behavior. Registering a new account with an old phone number and Facebook profile. Tinder Gold users: “Likes you” section is empty.

Does your Tinder profile still show up after you delete it?

Yes, your Tinder profile will still show up for a few days after you delete it.

What happens if you delete your Tinder account?

If you delete your Tinder account, you will no longer be able to use it. If you do not want to lose the account, but just want to take a break from Tinder, you can deactivate your account.

What happens to likes when you delete Tinder?

The likes that you have accumulated on Tinder will be deleted when you delete the application.

What happens if I delete Tinder and reinstall?

If you delete and reinstall Tinder, your account will be deleted.

Does Tinder only show active 2021?

No, Tinder does not only show active 2021. In order to see who is active, you will need to click on the “Active” tab in the top right corner of the app.

How do I know if someone has deleted their Tinder account or just Unmatch me?

You can’t. You need to wait for them to match with you again.

Is it worth deleting Tinder and starting again?

Tinder is a great app to use if you are looking for a quick hookup. If you are looking for anything more, then I would recommend using another app.

What happens when you delete a like on match?

Match deletes the like from your profile. You can also choose to delete the entire match account.

What is Tinder Shadowban?

Tinder Shadowban is a term used to describe when someone’s Tinder profile is not visible to other users.
Tinder Shadowban is a term used to describe when someone’s Tinder profile is not visible to other users. There are many theories about what causes the shadowban, but most people believe it is due to too many likes or too few messages.

How can you see when someone was last active on Tinder 2020?

The only way to tell when someone was last active on Tinder 2020 is to find out from them.

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