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who has the best presets for lightroom?


  1. There are many great presets out there for Lightroom, but some of the best ones include Adobe Standard, Adobe Classic, and Adobe Vibrant.

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What Lightroom presets do professional photographers use?

Lightroom presets can be a very personal preference. However, some popular presets used by professional photographers include:
-Vibrant: This preset makes photos look more vibrant and colorful.
-Soft Light: This preset makes photos look softer and less harsh.
-Contrast: This preset makes photos look more contrasty and vibrant.
-High Dynamic Range: This preset makes photos look smoother and more realistic, as well as having greater range of brightness and darkness.

Is it worth buying presets for Lightroom?

Yes, it is definitely worth buying presets for Lightroom. Presets can save you a lot of time and hassle when editing your photos.

What are the best Lightroom mobile presets?

There are a lot of great Lightroom mobile presets out there, but some of our favorites include the “Vintage” and “Retro” presets. They’re both designed to give your photos a retro feel, and they work great on photos that were taken in a more vintage style.

Do photographers use Lightroom presets?

There is no one right answer to this question, as photographers use presets for a variety of reasons. Some use them as a starting point, others use them as a way to save time, and others simply find them helpful. Ultimately, it depends on the photographer’s preferences.

What presets do influencers use?

There is no one answer to this question as different influencers use different presets depending on their style and what works best for them. However, some popular presets that many influencers use include Adobe Lightroom, Camera RAW, and Hootsuite.

What presets do instagrammers use?

There are many presets that Instagrammers use, but some of the more popular ones include: natural light, studio light, and warm light.

How do I get more Lightroom presets?

There are a few ways to get more Lightroom presets. The first is to visit the Adobe Lightroom website and download some of the presets that are available. Another way to get more presets is to join the Adobe Presets community and submit your own presets. Finally, you can find many free Lightroom presets online.

Does Adobe sell Lightroom presets?

Yes, Adobe sells Lightroom presets. You can find them on the Adobe website or in the Creative Cloud app.

What are the best free presets for Lightroom?

There are many great free Lightroom presets, but some of our favorites include the Adobe Lightroom Presets for Instagram by @lightroomcrafter and the Adobe Lightroom Presets for Portrait Photography by @aaronjamesphotography.

How do I get free Lightroom presets?

There are a few ways to get free Lightroom presets. You can sign up for the Adobe Creative Suite trial, or download some of the free presets from Adobe’s website. You can also find free presets on various online communities and forums.

Are there any free presets for Lightroom?

There are a few free Lightroom presets available, but they’re not very comprehensive. The best way to find free Lightroom presets is to search for “Lightroom Presets” on Google or Reddit.

How do I install Lightroom presets for free?

There are a few ways to install Lightroom presets for free. One way is to find and download a preset from the Adobe Lightroom Presets website. Another way is to find and download a preset from an online community or forum, such as the Adobe Lightroom CC forum.

Do professional photographers use presets?

Yes, professional photographers use presets to save time and ensure consistent results. A preset is a set of instructions that tells a camera what settings to use in order to create a desired image. By using presets, professional photographers can quickly and easily capture the perfect photo without having to adjust settings every time.

Where do you get Lightroom presets?

There are a few places to find Lightroom presets. Some popular ones include Adobe’s website, DxO Labs, and User Presets.

What presets does Lightroom come with?

There are a few presets that come pre-installed with Lightroom, but you can also create your own. Here are some of the most popular presets:
Standard: This preset is designed to give you a starting point for your photos. It includes adjustments for brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness.
Vintage: This preset is inspired by old photographs and makes use of warm colors and a slightly reduced contrast.