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Who owns Vlive?


HYBE Labels has no plans to close down ‘V Live. ‘ Contrary to the misinformation currently spreading online, HYBE has no plans to close down the popular Naver application.

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Who owns Weverse and V Live?

V LIVE and Weverse will eventually be integrated into a single platform, it was announced in the beginning of the year. In January 2014, Naver acquired 49 percent of Hybe’s Weverse Company (formerly beNX), while V LIVE operations were transferred to beNX.

Do BTS get money from V Live?

The earnings of the channel were used to pay for these activities, which included promoting products and streaming videos. The money fans paid to the station was used to fund the activities of their favorite celebrities (subscriptions and vids). Vlive is using funds from BTS to make new content available to fans.

Is V Live a Chinese app?

V Live, also known as V App, is a popular mobile application that lets people from all over the world to connect with their favorite celebrities via live video feeds. It’s not a Chinese app, so you shouldn’t have any problems using the site after migration.

Why did Blackpink join Weverse?

BLACKPINK is the third YG group to join WEVERSE, after TREASURE and IKON, in order to enhance fan-artist interaction. The decision was made following news that YG and HYBE had formed a strategic partnership on multiple projects, one of which is bringing YG artists to WEVERSE.

Does BTS own V Live?

On January 27, Big Hit’s board decided to accept an investment of more than US$321 million from Naver in beNX, with the company taking control of V Live after acquiring majority control.

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