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Why am I being charged for Verizon cloud?


Customers who previously used Verizon Cloud as a free, non-premium media storage service will be switched to a paid, premium media storage service. Customers who currently have Verizon Cloud for free media storage must upgrade to a premium paid solution or remove their files before their account is closed.

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How do I get Verizon cloud off my bill?

Under Apps & Services, click Manage Your Apps & Products. Select Manage Apps & Products from the drop-down menu. Select Manage Your Products from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to Cloud and then remove it.

Is Verizon free cloud going away?

Verizon is not shutting its services. Instead, the firm is closing cloud services for consumers who aren’t utilizing them. This was done to alleviate server congestion on Verizon’s end.

Do you have to pay for Verizon cloud?

Verizon Cloud is a storage solution that allows you to back up and sync your contacts, photos, and videos. What does it cost? While Verizon Cloud storage for Contacts is free, 1 TB of storage costs $9.99 per month after a free one-month trial, while 500 GB storage costs $5 each month after the free one-month trial.

Is Verizon cloud and Icloud the same?

WebDav will be available on iOS and Android, as well as macOS and Windows computers. Up to five users can use the same storage solution, with an infinite number of devices allowed for access.

How do I opt out of cloud storage?

Open the Settings app and go to Your Name > iCloud. Scroll down and turn off the switch for iCloud Backup. To remove existing backups, return to iCloud and choose Manage Storage.

How much does the Verizon cloud cost?

So the next time you spill coffee on your computer, don’t freak out. Furthermore, customers may now share storage with others, regardless of whether they are Verizon subscribers.” The cost of Verizon Cloud Unlimited is $19.99 per month, and it comes with a free first month.

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