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Why can’t I close my eBay account?


If your eBay account falls below a certain standard, you may not be allowed to close it. The best course of action would be for you to change that before the 60-day window has run out.


How to Delete Your eBay Account

How do I force close an eBay account?

Go to My eBay > My eBay account. In the upper right corner, click Account and then select Close my account in Your Settings. Under Closing your eBay account, select submit a request to close your account. Select a reason for closing the account and choose Continue.

Can I close my eBay account if I owe money?

Pending transactions will delay the closure of a bank account.

What happens if you delete your eBay account?

If you close your eBay account, you will no longer be able to sell on the site or access My eBay. You’ll also lose your feedback and purchase and sale history; make sure that if you want to close your account, all fees have been paid and the balance is for zero.

Can I temporarily close my eBay account?

In order to stop selling on eBay, you can close your account but still leave it active by deleting your automatic payment method and canceling any reselling tools.

Can I have 2 eBay accounts?

Yes, you can use the accounts however works best for you. Buying and selling policies apply equally to all accounts; so meeting our buyer and seller standards is a must.

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