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Why can’t I delete Bumble account?


Open Bumble and tap the user icon in the top left, then on the gear icon (also located in the top-left). Scroll down and you’ll have an option to log out and delete your account. Tap on “Delete Account” and type “delete” to confirm the deletion of your account.

How to Delete Bumble Account Permanently 

If you have read our Terms of Use and still have questions about deleting your Bumble account, check the following reasons:

Bumble protects our community from bad actors. We take online harassment very seriously and quickly remove users on a case-by-case basis if they are found to be in breach of our Terms of Use. If you feel that this has happened to you, please write to us at [email protected] with links or screenshots of any evidence and we’ll review it immediately. *This is more likely when your profile photo was reported as inappropriate for nudity. Users who do not abide by the ToU may be permanently banned without warning.

A profile cannot be deleted if you have been on Bumble for less than 72 hours. If your account was created less than 72 hours ago, please check back again in 3 days’ time. You can also use the “Forgotten Password?” feature to make sure that your request is not blocked by a typo or incorrect e-mail address. Profiles will not be deleted if there are pending conversations due to active matches/requests.

Your current mobile number and email address should have been entered when you joined Bumble. If you used an old (and now nonexistent) mobile number and/or email at sign up it may prevent you from deleting your account. If so, please update all of your information at https://bumble.com/settings so that we can remove any blocks on your profile and give you the freedom to come back when you are ready. *If this happened by mistake, we will be able to lift these restrictions for you.

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If your real name is being used by a friend or family member (without permission) it may prevent you from deleting your Bumble profile. Please contact [email protected] with evidence of this harassment as well as the offending party’s username and we’ll investigate immediately.* *Please note that without confirmation of report abuse, no changes can be made to a profile. *We reserve the right to remove accounts that have used another’s name and likeness for commercial gain without consent from that individual or their respective party.

If you fail at deleting your account, do not worry, we are happy to help! Please write to us at [email protected] with a screenshot of where you failed (check your notifications tab), your username, and mobile number and we’ll take care of it immediately.

The following message will appear if you try to delete your account while there are pending conversations:

Your profile cannot be deleted because there are active conversations. Please take care of any unfinished business before deleting your profile. If you’re sure this is the right decision for you, feel free to write back with a picture of your cat so we can remember you were once here ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo The Bumble Team

If your account was not in violation of our Terms of Use and was still blocked, it may have been reported by another user due to harassment or spam messages. As mentioned above, we will investigate these types of reports on a case-by-case basis until the issue has been resolved. If your account was blocked unlawfully, please write back to us at [email protected] with links or screenshots of any evidence and we will investigate immediately.

Password (case sensitive) – User Name – Location – Age range (if set within profile settings) – Ethnicity (if set within profile settings) – Gender *If these changes don’t help, please contact our support team for assistance by writing into [email protected] with as much information about the interaction as you can give us.* We cannot assist you further until we have received such a report. If this has happened to you due to harassment by another user, this is against our Terms of Use and we will investigate until the issue has been resolved. Please note that this may take up to 48 hours.

If you have had your profile blocked due to spamming, please contact us at [email protected] with a screenshot of the offensive/harassing message(s) or any links in which you were not tagged or mentioned (this is very important), as well as information about who it was sent to (i.e., their username). We cannot assist further without such information.* *Please do not write back if you are unable to include all of these details as we require them in order to keep our community safe for all users.

Does Bumble not delete your account?

Yes, Bumble does delete your account if you don’t use it for two years.

How long does it take to delete Bumble account?

To delete a Bumble account, the user must first log out of their account and then go to the ‘Delete Account’ page.
Bumble does not provide a way to delete an account without logging out of it first.
Deleting a Bumble account will permanently remove all data from a user’s profile, including messages, matches, conversations, photos, and videos.

How do I cancel my Bumble account?

To cancel your Bumble account, you should go to the Settings tab and select “Log Out”. Once logged out, you can go back to the homepage and click on the “Cancel Account” button at the top.

How long do Bumble accounts stay active?

Bumble accounts are active for 30 days.

Can I delete my Bumble account and start over?

Yes, you can delete your Bumble account and start over. If you go to the app store and click on the “purchase” button, you will be able to see a “restore purchase” option.

Can you have 2 Bumble accounts?

Yes, you can have 2 Bumble accounts.

How do I know if someone is active on Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app that allows users to swipe right on profiles they like and left on profiles they don’t. If the other person also swipes right, you’ll be able to message them.

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