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Why can’t I delete guest user on Mac?


macOS creates the Guest User account. It’s a restricted account with no access to any documents and can’t save files. It’s perfectly fine where it is. When you install macOS, the deleted user will be recreated.

How to Turn Off guest user / any users from MacOS guidline

How to Delete a User account on macOS Sierra

How do I get rid of guest user on my laptop?

Begin by opening the Search program, clicking File, and then finding “netplwiz” in the Programs box. Then hit Enter to execute it as an administrator. You’ll see a list of users after that. If Guest is on the list, remove it.

How do I force delete a user?

The –force (-f) switch, for example, tells userdel to forcefully remove the user account even if the user is still logged in or if there are still running processes that belong to the user.

What is the nobody user on Mac?

nYou’re in a bind, but you’re not alone. The “nobody” user is common; it’s one of the five accounts generated by OS X. Your Mac has not been hacked.

What is the difference between Userdel and Deluser?

To remove a user, use the deluser command. Usermod is advised by many people, but deluser is preferable since it has more options and more powerful functions. nDeluser offers further configuration possibilities and more effective tools than userdel. The system Delete only if the user is a system user.

How do I delete a built in administrator account?

To remove the built-in Administrator account, right-click it and select Delete. Close Registry Editor and restart your computer. You’ll notice that the built-in Administrator account has been removed from the Local Users and Groups window.

Why would you need to disable a guest account?

Disabling Guest Accounts on Windows Is Vital for Security. A user who is logged into a guest account on a Windows system that belongs to an employee at the organization might gain access to everything on that computer, including files, shares, and applications.