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Why can’t I delete my AOL email?


  1. Go to https://aol.mydashboard.oath.com/delete-my-account in your computer’s web browser.
  2. Log into your account if necessary.
  3. If prompted to enter your login information, type in your email address.
  4. Click Next, enter your AOL password.
  5. Click Sign in. Click Continue delete my account.

How to Delete AOL Mail Account | Deactivate AOL Mail Account

How To Delete AOL Account

How do I delete my AOL email account on my phone?

At the top of the window, click Manage My Subscriptions. Click Cancel under your account. Select the reason for your cancellation, then hit the Cancel AOL button.

How do I erase an email account?

On Google.com, sign in to your Gmail account. Select “Account” from the grid icon in the upper right corner. Select “Delete your account or services” from under the “Account preferences” section. Choose “Products” as previously described once you’ve clicked it. Enter your login and password to authenticate.

Does AOL email still exist 2020?

However, the famous America Online name, which was the gateway to the internet in its early days, has now been retired. The brand will be phased out over time as part of Verizon’s $5 billion fire sale of its media assets, including AOL and Yahoo, to Apollo Global Management announced Monday.

Is AOL deactivating accounts?

AOL Mail deactivates inactive accounts on a regular basis. If your AOL account is shut down because you haven’t used it in a long time, you will lose access to your emails, attachments, and other data from the email account.

Why am I still being charged for AOL?

You pay for your AOL service in advance, so you’re paying for the next month’s service each month. At the same time, we’ll include any additional fees you incurred since your previous invoice, such as connection surcharges or subscription costs.

What will happen to my AOL email address?

What Happens to AOL Mail After 180 Inactive Days? Your account is deleted if you do not log in for another 90 days (a total of 180 days), which is the equivalent of six months. You may not be able to recover your email address. Furthermore, your emails, images, and other email attachments are also removed.

Has AOL Mail changed 2021?

If you haven’t yet made any modifications, by June 1, 2021, you will be required to take action or your AOL Mail service will be disrupted. What’s new? Starting June 1, 2021, unless you act, AOL will no longer allow connections from certain third-party apps and software.

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