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Why can’t I delete my Google account?


  1. You no longer need or use the account.
  2. You have signed out of the account and want to keep your data private.
  3. The account is for personal use only and is not for business or professional use.
  4. The account has been inactive for more than 6 months.

How to Delete Google Account Permanently

How to Delete your Gmail Account | permanently Delete a Gmail Account in Mac or PC | 2019

How do I force a Google Account to delete?

If you want to force a Google Account to delete, there are a few ways to go about it.
-You can contact customer service and ask them to remove the account for you.
-You can use the Google Account deletion tool.
-You can use the Google Account removal feature on your web browser.

Why can’t I remove Google Account from my phone?

There could be a number of reasons why you might not be able to remove your Google account from your phone. One possibility is that you may have forgotten your password. If that’s the case, you can try to reset it by going to g.co/accountreset and following the instructions there. Another possibility is that your phone doesn’t support removing Google accounts. In that case, you’ll need to contact your phone manufacturer or carrier for assistance.

How do I delete an existing Google Account?

If you want to delete an existing Google Account, you’ll need to follow these steps:
Log in to Google.com.
Under “Accounts,” click on the name of the Google Account you want to delete.
On the “Deleting your account” page, click on the “Delete account” button.
Enter your email address and password, and click on the “Delete my account” button.
A confirmation message will be sent to your email address, and your Google Account will be deleted immediately.

How long does it take for a Google Account to be permanently deleted?

Google accounts can be deleted for a variety of reasons, including if an account is inactive for a year or more, if the user has been inactive for two years, or if the user has had their account banned. It can take up to 10 business days for an account to be permanently deleted.

How can I delete my Google Account without password?

To delete your Google Account without password, follow these steps:
Open the Google Account settings page on your web browser.
Under “Account Details” on the left, select “Delete account.”
Enter your email address and password, and click “Next.”
You’ll be asked to confirm your decision to delete the account. Click “Yes,” and your account will be deleted.

How do I delete an email account off my phone?

There are a few ways to delete an email account from your phone.
The first way is to go to the app drawer and tap on the email icon.
Next, you will see a list of all of your email accounts.
To delete an account, just tap on it and select “Delete Account”.
The second way is to go to the settings menu on your phone and scroll down until you find “Email & Data”.
Here, you can select which emails you want to keep and delete the rest.
The final way is to go to “Settings”, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
You will need to scroll down until you find “Email Accounts” and select it.

How do I delete an email address from my Gmail?

If you want to delete an email address from your Gmail account, there are a few different ways to go about it.
The first way is to head over to the account settings page and select the “Accounts and Import” tab. Under “Manage Accounts,” select the email address you want to delete and click on the “Remove Account” button.
If you don’t have access to the account settings page, you can also disable an email address by going to your Gmail homepage and clicking on the three dots in the upper-right corner of any email message. This will open up a menu where you can choose “Delete Message…” If you want to permanently delete an email address from your Gmail account, then you will need to go through the process of deleting all of its messages as well.

Does Google keep your search history forever?

No, Google does not keep your search history forever. Your search history is stored for a limited time and then deleted.

Can police access your Google Account?

Google has been caught up in a privacy storm after it was revealed that police departments around the United States can access users’ Google accounts without their permission or a warrant. This revelation has raised many questions, such as whether or not police can read user emails, view photos, or track the movements of individuals.
Google has defended its actions by stating that it gives law enforcement “limited access to specific information” that is necessary for investigating crimes. However, some experts have argued that this policy does not go far enough and that Google should be more transparent about how its data is used by law enforcement.

Can you permanently delete an email address?

Permanently deleting an email address is not as easy as it may sound. There are a number of ways in which an email address can be kept permanently deleted, but some of them are more difficult to implement than others. In order to permanently delete an email address, the user must first find and access the account’s deletion form, complete the form, and then submit it. Once an email address has been submitted for deletion, it will no longer appear in any contact or search results. However, there are a number of ways in which that information can still be obtained if desired.

Can anyone see deleted history?

There is no way to see deleted history on a computer. Deleted items are permanently removed from the computer’s hard drive and cannot be recovered.

Can police recover deleted Internet history?

Can police recover deleted Internet history? Recently, a California man was arrested after investigators found evidence that he had been researching how to make explosives on the web. The man’s computer showed that he had visited websites about making bombs and building improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Investigators believe that the man may have been planning an attack. In this case, investigators were able to find incriminating evidence on the man’s computer thanks to his deleted Internet history.
Internet history is easy to delete. Most people simply hit the “delete” button on their web browser toolbar, without giving it much thought. But what if law enforcement needs access to your deleted Internet history? In most cases, prosecutors won’t be able to get a search warrant for your deleted online activity.

Is deleted history really deleted?

Deleted history is a term that is often used to describe the deletion of information from a computer system. In some cases, deleted history may not be actually deleted. If a user deletes something from their computer, but the information is still retrievable through data recovery tools, then the deleted history may be considered to be incomplete or non-existent.

Can your parents see your search history even if you delete it?

Yes, your parents can see your search history even if you delete it.

Can someone see my Internet history if I use their wifi?

Many people use public wifi hotspots without thinking about the privacy of their online activity. Public wifi is often free, and users generally have no expectation of privacy. However, some people believe that anyone with access to the network can see what websites you’ve visited and what files you’ve downloaded. Is this true?
The short answer is yes, someone with access to your public wifi network can see your Internet history if you’re using their connection. This includes any websites that you’ve visited, any files that you’ve downloaded, and even the pages that you’ve viewed on those websites. If this happens to be a concern for you, then it’s worth taking some steps to protect your privacy. For example, using a password protected connection or using a private network when visiting public wifi hotspots will both help protect your privacy.

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