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Why can’t I log into my DoorDash account?


  1. If you are still having trouble, use an internet browser and login at https://driver.doordash.com.
  2. If you are able to login online, this indicates your account is fine and there is an app outage.
  3. Option 2: Force quit or Clear Cache on your app.

DoorDash Login Error 1

How to Fix DoorDash FROZEN APP – DoorDash LOGIN ISSUES

Why can’t I log into my Doordash account?

Turn off and then turn on your phone’s WiFi connection. Check to see if you’re in airplane mode. In order to test functionality, temporarily switch off your device’s WiFi and use cellular data instead of Wi-Fi. The app’s connectivity is enhanced when there is a strong phone signal without wifi.

Why is Dasher app not working?

For Android: Go to Settings, select Storage, and then Other Apps to force close apps. Look for the Dasher app and clear the cache on this page. Note: You will be logged out, so you’ll need to log back in using your Dasher username and password.

Why is my customer Doordash account disabled?

The majority of the DoorDash platform is based on basic company standards of honesty and fairness. We have faith in our Dashers to utilize the app honestly and with integrity. Accounts of Dinehrs who misuse our services or engage in fraud, as well as accounts of Dinehrs that induce others to do so, will be disabled.

How long does DoorDash deactivate your account?

Include your email address or phone number linked with your Dasher profile, and be sure to include it. Your request to delete your Driver account will be handled by Door Dash. The deactivation procedure takes anywhere from 3 to 14 days.

Can DoorDash suspend your account?

To keep on the DoorDash platform, providers must meet minimum Consumer Ratings and Completion Rates. Once a Dasher has accepted at least 20 orders, he or she may be deactivated if his or her Consumer Rating is below 4.2 or completion rate is below 80%.

Why is DoorDash not busy?

When the heatmap is grey, with the message “It’s not busy in this sector,” the Dasher platform is full and all orders are being delivered. If you see this, please go to an area that is red (“busy”) or come back later.

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