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Why did care com close my account?


  1. We’ve closed your Care.com account because we found that you were using it to provide caregiving services for a family member or friend and not as a Caregiver.
  2. The answer is as follows .Care.com has closed an account for providing caregiving services for a family member or friend instead of as a Caregiver.

How To Cancel Care.com


How do I get my care com account back?

If you have lost your account, you can use the “Lost Account” form to try and recover it.

What does it mean when a job is closed on care com?

Care.com is a job listing website where people can post openings for various types of jobs. If a job listing is closed, it means that the posting has been taken down by the employer or the employer has not yet set up their account on Care.com.

How do I talk to someone at CARE com?

CARE is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid to people in need. They offer disaster relief, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development. You can call CARE at 1-800-227-2700.

Does care COM automatically renew?

Yes. If you cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew after the cancellation period has elapsed.

Is it easy to cancel care com?

It is not easy to cancel Care.com, but it can be done. It is best to contact the company directly and ask for cancellation.

Why does care com charge now?

Care.com charges now because the company has been around for a while and as it has grown, so have its expenses. Care.com is a business that serves two purposes: to provide marketplaces for caregivers and families to find each other and to offer customer care services, which includes answering questions from customers, managing interactions between families and caregivers, handling market research and conducting background checks on caregivers.

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