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Why did my minecraft account get deleted?


Mojang has always worked with our payment partners to counteract purchases that are reported as fraudulent. This happens as soon as a suspicious purchase is detected: we comply with the request to refund the charges, then the game profile is flagged for deletion.

How To Recover a Compromised Minecraft Account


Can you get back a deleted Minecraft account?

You’ll need to contact Mojang support. You may reach out to Skrill and obtain your Transaction ID, as well as evidence that you made a purchase. Then they can retrieve it for you.

How do you get your old Minecraft account back?

To convert your Mojang account to the new version, you’ll need to login using the same username and password that you used when creating your old Minecraft accounts. After upgrading your Mojang account to a new one, you must supply an active email address where you will be sent a link to the password reset webpage.

How do I find my lost Minecraft account?

If you have a Mojang account but can’t remember the login email, try reinstalling your password. The reset procedure will deliver an email to the address listed on your profile, notifying you which one it is. Alternatively, check other email addresses that you control.

Why is my Minecraft world gone?

How to Recover Lost Minecraft Worlds on Android. If you have a backup of the world, go ahead and restore it. The backup file is accessible in your regular world selection folder. Unfortunately, if you did not make a backup copy, then that realm will be lost forever and there’s no way to retrieve it.

Why did my Minecraft world disappeared PE?

In these conditions, the world may vanish: The game is deleted and reinstalled or the user backs up and restores to a new device.

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