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Why do emails not delete on iPhone?


The method you use to download email varies. POP downloads messages to your iPhone, while IMAP keeps them on the server. If you’re using an IMAPI service that hasn’t been properly set up, it’s very possible that messages can’t be deleted.

iOS 13 Hidden Settings: Change Archive to DELETE in Mail App (Gmail)

How to truly properly delete emails on iPhone iPad iPod

Apple has a reputation for doing things differently. Apple is not the first company to introduce an iPhone, but they are the only one who could make it so popular with consumers. Their ability to do this has made them more than just another tech company; they have become a world-renowned brand that represents innovation and design in today’s digital age. With their latest product – the iPhone 6S – they hope to continue their success by offering many new features, including 3D touch capability and improved camera quality. However, there are still some issues that need fixing with Apple’s latest gadget before it can be considered perfect (or even close).

This is due to the default Apple Mail setting that prevents emails from being removed once they have been accessed or opened. If you want to be able to delete an email, click on “mark as read” in order for it to go away.

If you are unable to delete the email in Apple Mail, this could be due to a feature called “Mailbox Behaviors” where any message opened even if only briefly will be marked as read. To change these settings please navigate through Settings > Apps > App Store & iTunes Store > Scroll down until you find Mail and select it. Under ‘Mailbox Behaviors’ Change ‘Keep Unread Messages for’ option by removing all values then adding one year (365 days).

How do I get rid of an email that won’t delete on my iPhone?

Even if you can’t delete your email account, try entering Settings > Accounts & Password > accounts & passwords, selecting one with an active mailbox, then going to Advanced. Under Deleted Mailbox on the Server, tick ‘Trash’ so it gets a checkmark – then go through the popups by tapping the appropriate buttons at the top of them and see if you can now remove emails.

Why do emails keep coming back after being deleted?

Deleted emails reappearing might indicate a problem with Inbox. Remove all wanted emails from Inbox and store them in a distinct folder named appropriately. Anything you don’t want should be deleted. That is why, every time the Inbox is refreshed, they reappear.

Why are my emails not deleting on my phone?

The non-Gmail e-mails you download to your phone are generally kept on the server. That’s because, unlike a computer’s email program, the Email app on a phone does not remove messages once it has retrieved them. … Open the Email app and go to your inbox. Select Settings from the Action Overflow menu.

How do you get rid of emails that won’t delete?

If deleting emails didn’t work and you’re still unable to remove them, try one of these techniques: – Delete the selected emails by hard pressing the Shift key and hitting the Delete key while the emails are highlighted/selected.

Why do my emails keep coming back after I delete them?

When the Inbox is clear, right-click it and choose “Compact.” Then empty and compact the ‘Junk’ folder. Compact the ‘Drafts’ directory. It sounds as if you have some corruption in your Inbox when deleted emails reappear every time the Inbox is refreshed. As a result, they keep reappearing with each new refresh of your inbox.

How do I force Outlook to delete emails?

Delete selected emails in the Inbox folder using the Shift + Delete keys. 2. Select to highlight all email messages in the Inbox folder that you will permanently delete and press the Shift + Delete keys at once in a pop-up warning dialog box. Then, permanently, all chosen email messages are removed from your inbox.

Why do deleted emails keep coming back in Outlook?

It’s likely that your Outlook emails are not staying deleted because of corrupt OST files. By using a powerful email client like Mailbird, you can prevent these problems from occurring. In 30 days, all e-mails removed from your Deleted Items folder may be recovered.

Why do deleted emails reappear on Android?

Hi there, Eli. It’s possible that it’s because the program takes some time to connect your activity back to your online account. Don’t bother with the permanent delete procedure; Gmail will remove them after 30 days if you put them in the Trash. Leave the app alone for a while after deleting so that it can sync

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