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why does eharmony terminate matches?


  1. One possibility is that the two people simply aren’t compatible.
  2. Another reason could be that one of the members was not truthful on their profile. Whatever the reason,
  3. eharmony wants to ensure that its members are finding matches that are likely to result in a long-term relationship.

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What does it mean when a match disappears on eHarmony?

There are a few different reasons why a match might disappear on eHarmony. One possibility is that the person you matched with has decided to unsubscribe from the site. Another possibility is that the other person’s profile was deleted by eHarmony for some reason. Finally, it’s also possible that the other person simply stopped using the site.

How do you get kicked off eHarmony?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the reasons someone might be kicked off eHarmony can vary. However, some of the most common reasons someone might be kicked off the site include violating the site’s terms of service, creating fake profiles, or engaging in spamming or other unethical behavior.

What does the Popsicle mean in eHarmony?

The Popsicle is one of the many code words used in the eHarmony dating site. It is used to indicate that you are interested in someone and would like them to contact you.

Do matches change on eHarmony?

Yes, matches on eHarmony can change. Our matching algorithm is constantly updated with new data and technology to ensure that you receive the best possible matches.

Can you be hidden on eHarmony?

Yes, you can be hidden on eHarmony. You have the option to hide your profile from other members. This means that your profile will not show up in any search results. To hide your profile, go to the “My Settings” page and select the “Hide Profile” option.

What is the lowest compatibility score on eHarmony?

The lowest compatibility score on eHarmony is 1%. This means that the two people are not compatible at all.

What does a double check mean on eHarmony?

A double check on eHarmony means that the system has checked your profile information against their records and found a match.

What is the shield on eHarmony?

The shield on eHarmony is a symbol of protection. It’s there to remind users that they’re safe and secure while they’re looking for love.

What does the star mean on eHarmony?

The star on eHarmony is a symbol of success. It means that you have been matched with someone who is highly compatible with you.

Can eHarmony be Cancelled?

Yes, eHarmony can be cancelled. To cancel your subscription, go to “My Account” and select “Cancel Subscription.” You will be asked to confirm your cancellation.

Does anyone still use eHarmony?

Yes, some people still use eHarmony. The company has a large user base, and many people find it to be a successful dating site.

Can eHarmony take you to collections?

eHarmony may take you to collections if you do not pay your subscription fees. However, the company is typically willing to work with customers to come up with a payment plan that works for them.

What does contact has been terminated mean on eHarmony?

When you see that a contact has been terminated on eHarmony, it means that the person’s account has been deleted. This could be because they have either canceled their subscription or violated the terms of service.

Why is no one messaging me on eHarmony?

There could be a number of reasons why people are not messaging you on eHarmony. It could be that you do not have a lot in common with the people who are on the site, or that your profile is not very appealing. It is also possible that you are not being proactive in reaching out to people. Be sure to send messages to people who catch your eye, and be sure to read their profiles thoroughly so that you can find things to talk about.

How long should you wait to respond on eHarmony?

There is no set answer to this question, as everyone’s individual situation will be different. Some people may be comfortable responding right away, while others may prefer to take a day or two to think about their response. The most important thing is to be yourself and to take your time in responding.