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Why is my tinder account banned?


  1. My account was banned. If you’ve been banned from Tinder.
  2. You’ll see a message letting you know when you try to log in.
  3. We ban accounts when we detect account activity that violates our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines.
  4. User safety is always at top of mind, and we don’t take violations of our policies lightly.

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How To Get Unbanned From Tinder

Can you get unbanned from Tinder?

It’s difficult to get unbanned from Tinder, but not impossible. If you were banned for violating the Terms of Service (TOS), then it is possible to get unbanned by appealing your ban.

Why was my Tinder banned for no reason?

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear that you were banned from Tinder. You might want to take a look at Tinder’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. If you’re not sure what you did wrong, then it could be that your account was flagged for an automated spam or security violation. In any case, I’d recommend reaching out to Tinder Support so they can help you out.

How do I get unbanned from Tinder 2020?

You can’t get unbanned from Tinder 2020. The only way to get unbanned from Tinder is if you delete your account.

Did Tinder ban my phone?

As of now, it is unclear whether Tinder has banned your phone or if you are experiencing some other issue. However, if this is the case, you should contact Tinder’s customer service to find out what the problem is.

Can I make a new Tinder account after being banned?

Yes, you can. However, the chances of being banned again are greater than if you had not been previously banned.

How do I create a new Tinder account after being banned 2021?

You can create a new Tinder account by deleting your old account. You can delete your old account by going to the app’s settings, selecting “Delete Account,” and then confirming that you want to delete your account.

How do I get unbanned from Tinder 2021?

This is a difficult question to answer because you don’t specify how you got banned in the first place. If it was for inappropriate content, you might be able to get unbanned by engaging in more appropriate behavior. If it was for something like spamming or harassment, then the only way to get unbanned is to stop doing those things.

Why did Tinder delete my account?

Tinder may have deleted your account for a number of reasons. It is possible that you violated the terms and conditions, or you may have been reported by another user.

How do I restore my Tinder account?

You can only restore your account by logging into your old account and signing into the app.

Why is my Tinder not working?

There are a number of reasons why your Tinder may not be working. It could be that you have a low signal or that the app has been temporarily disabled. You can also check to make sure your phone is up-to-date and restart the app.

How do I contact Tinder customer service?

Tinder customer service is available 24/7. You can contact them by emailing them at [email protected] or by calling them at 1-888-865-6196.

How do you get banned from Tinder?

You can get banned from Tinder by continuously swiping left on profiles, not using the app for a long period of time, or being reported for inappropriate behavior.

How do I complain to Tinder?

Tinder has a feedback form on their site. You can submit your complaint to them and they will review it.

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