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Why is Shpock not working?


  1. Check your login method You’ll need to make sure you’re logging in using the same method you used to sign up.
  2. So either your e-mail address & password, or your Facebook, Google or Apple account.

how i got scammed for airpods on shpock.

Spock app scam

How do I accept an offer on Shpock?

You may either ask the consumer a question about the goods, which will be revealed beneath the main pictures of the ad, or make an offer based on the asking price. Once an offer is submitted, you’re prompted to confirm or reject it.

Is Shpock better than eBay?

Shpock has a free plan that includes basic features and opens you up to the public immediately. If you’re searching for a cost-effective alternative to selling on eBay with some contemporary perks, Shpock is worth considering. You should be able to discover something you like or locate people who want your stuff in your local community with over a million users currently registered in the UK.

Is Shpock only pickup?

You may also choose whether or not your item can be delivered or picked up. When you sell through Shpock, you receive the benefits of our Secure Delivery. Please double-check that there are no prohibited items on Shpock before posting your offer.

Is buying on Shpock safe?

Shpock protects buyer and seller funds, providing peace of mind for both consumers and vendors. Buyer Protection on Shpock guarantees that customers get their money back if the item is not delivered or is in poor condition. It covers transactions up to £1,000*, and if you don’t receive the item you ordered, you’ll get your money back.

Can you sell pets on Shpock?

Offering, selling, or trading all sorts of living creatures on Shpock is absolutely prohibited. … Shpock has the right to remove such products if they are offered, sold, or swapped in violation of this provision.

Who pays for delivery on Shpock?

The buyer covers the costs of delivery for an item. During checkout, the price will be immediately added to the total. The shipping cost is determined by the seller based on the size and weight of the product they are offering.

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