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Why won’t Hotmail let me delete my emails?


  1. Go in to your hotmail or live account and click on settings (gear icon besides your pic).
  2. Click on Options then go to Connect devices and apps with POP.
  3. Click on it and where it says Deleting downloaded messages choose first option Don’t let devices or apps delete messages from Outlook.com.

SOLVED! Hotmail/Outlook won’t delete items 

SOLVED! (Solution 2) Hotmail/Outlook won’t delete items

Why can’t I delete emails from my Hotmail account?

The ability to delete emails in Hotmail is limited. You can only delete emails that are older than 14 days old. To delete an email, you must select the email and click on the Delete button.

How do I get rid of emails that won’t delete?

This is a common problem for many people. The best way to get rid of emails that won’t delete is to find the email in your inbox and hover over it. You should see an ‘x’ appear on the right side of the email. Click that and then click ‘Delete’.
The best way to get rid of emails that won’t delete is to find the email in your inbox and hover over it.

How do I delete an email that won’t delete in Outlook?

If you’re using Outlook, it’s possible that the email is still in your inbox. To delete it from the inbox, click on the email and then press “delete”. If you’re sure the email was deleted from your inbox and it still won’t delete in Outlook, you can try deleting it from your Deleted Items folder.

How do I permanently delete Hotmail emails?

The easiest way to permanently delete Hotmail emails is to use the ‘Delete’ button that is located at the top of each email. This will move the email from your inbox to your trash folder, and it will be deleted from your account after 30 days.

Why do emails reappear after deleting?

Emails reappear because they’re stored on your email account’s server, not on your computer.
When you delete an email, the email is removed from your inbox and is no longer available to be seen. However, it may still be stored on your email account’s server. This means that if you log in to your account at a later time, you can see the deleted email again.

Why do my deleted emails keep coming back in Outlook?

If you’re using the default settings, Outlook will keep a copy of messages that you delete. This is because it’s not possible to permanently delete messages from an Outlook inbox. If you want to stop your deleted messages from coming back, you’ll need to change some settings.
To stop deleted messages from coming back in Outlook:
1) Select “File” on the toolbar and choose “Options”.

How do I force Outlook to delete emails?

The best way to delete emails in Outlook is to use the Delete key. To do this, you must first select the email and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Why can’t I delete folder in Outlook?

The folder you are trying to delete may be in use by another Outlook window. Try closing all other windows and then try deleting the folder.

Why do deleted emails keep reappearing on iPhone?

Deleted emails can reappear on an iPhone if the user syncs their phone with the same email account.

Why do my emails not stay deleted on my iPhone?

The emails may have been “archived” in the Mail app on your iPhone. You can select a message and press the Archive button in the bottom left corner to delete it from your inbox.

How can I force delete a folder?

There are a few reasons why emails may not delete on your iPhone. The first is that the email may be saved in your Drafts folder, which is located in the same place as the Inbox. You can access this folder by tapping on “Drafts” under “Mailboxes.” You can then either delete these drafts or send them to your inbox to be deleted.

How do I delete a folder in Outlook but keep emails?

In order to delete an empty folder in Outlook, you must highlight the folder and then select the “Delete” command from the “Edit” drop-down menu.

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