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Why wont it let me make a tinder account?


  1. You can follow these steps to go through your phone settings:
  2. Go to the Application setting on your phone
  3. Choose Tinder and Facebook on that list.
  4. Delete data and cache of those applications as well.
  5. Try logging back in again.

There are many of you guys in that same boat as me. You joined tinder, swiped onto a beautiful girl/guy that caught your attention, and then BAM! It wont let you create an account.

Or maybe it does let you create an account but after filling out your information the next screen says something along the lines “Error Message: Tinder has detected a problem with your Facebook profile…etc”

Tinder requires all users to sign up via Facebook for verification purposes. There are A LOT of people trying to register at the same time so essentially the servers can’t keep up with all of us.

This is due to Tinder being newly released app and gaining popularity quickly. So if you notice this issue try again a few hours later, or tomorrow.

If it still wont let you create an account, just contact Tinder support via their website here: http://support.gotinder.com/hc/en-us

How do I delete my tinder profile?

Again, there’s been tons of people asking this question on every platform available so the debate between whether Tinder is real or fake has overwhelmed us all. I’ve deleted my account to give myself a break from swiping right and left into oblivion but hey to each his own! If you’re tired of being bombarded with messages by randoms who are bots and you want to get rid of your tinder account, follow these simple steps :

Go to settings and click Delete Account.

It will ask you if you are sure that’s what you want to do, just press OK.

Press Delete Account again for confirmation purposes.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder, just like any other social media application is a great way to meet new people from all over the world. It does however need some improvements in order for it to be on par with its competitors such as Grindr or OkCupid. For starters there is no ability to hide your profile or block someone who you are no longer interested in talking to after you’ve both matched. The only options available are swiping left on their profile, sending them a message and if they happen to read it then they will get notified that you messaged them but if not then they won’t even know you existed in the first place! So essentially Tinder has the same concept of gay hookup sites except there isn’t an option for us to chat anonymously. Sure you can get a hold of the person via Facebook but you’ll have to be friends with them on FB or 3rd party apps such as Kik or Whatsapp if they dont accept your request before hand.

On top of that, there’s no way for us to see who has viewed our matches. For all we know it could be an entire profile full of people which makes no sense at all because if Tinder is for finding dates wouldn’t everyone want those profiles out in plain view so other users can swipe right? The whole concept behind Tinder is not clear and it would make much more sense to have a different feature added into the app rather than removing/changing features from other apps that already exist!

Another thing that I don’t understand is how Tinder can automatically connect to your Facebook account and use the pictures from there without you even being notified or asked for permission. This is a legal issue because you are constantly putting yourself into jeopardy of spam bots, pranks, viruses, etc. So it’s not just Tinder that needs to be more secure but Facebook too in order for those pictures to stay private!!

How does Tinder work on an iPad?

If you have ever wondered how others use their Tinder app on an iPad then follow these steps:

Tinder relies on WiFi as its main source whether you’re using it through your phone or if it’s directly hooked up to the internet router in your home. If you want to use the tinder app on your iPad then you would need to set up a WiFi hotspot for it. To do this, find an available network using WiFi and tap on the blue arrow next to it. Once you see that a “-” has appeared in place of the original “+” or signal icon, just tap it and enable/disable it however many times necessary until it turns green with a tick mark over it.

You can also turn your mobile data connection into a wireless booster which will help enhance its range but keep in mind that if you are not connected via WiFi then there won’t be any chat options whatsoever unless you both have cellular service so make sure both phones are within 100ft of one another!

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder gold is the latest paid feature which was released back in late September and allows older users 21 and over to “upgrade” their free tinder standard accounts into upgraded gold versions with more premium features such as seeing who has liked them, unlimited swipes & likes, five likes at one time (instead of just two) plus it also packs in an ad-free environment for $9.99 per month! As far as I can tell this is really only worth buying if you’re going to use your account on a consistent basis but even then it’s not dramatically different from having a premium version through facebook (which is the same way that 18-21 year olds can still use tinder) so for those of you who already have gold status it just seems like a routine upgrade rather than necessary to continue using the app.

Conclusion: Tinder Gold may give you some additional perks such as being able to see how many times someone has liked your profile but it’s not too much different from using an older account with limited information, if you’re thinking about getting this simply because there are no ads then my suggestion would be to either get on a premium account or wait until summertime when ad-free apps become more common and more affordable! And even then, paying $9.99 per month for this app might not be worth it if you’re only using your tinder for dates every now and then but if spamming pictures of yourself is something you plan on doing then this may be the better option for you in the long run!

Why wont it let me make a tinder account?

You can follow these steps to go through your phone settings:
1. Go to the Application setting on your phone
2. Choose Tinder and Facebook on that list.
3. Delete data and cache of those applications as well.
4. Try logging back in again.

Why can’t I make a Tinder without a phone number?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Tinder account without the use of your phone number. However, you can establish an online free virtual phone to receive text messages for verification purposes and then easily create a Tinder account with this service.

Can you get banned from Tinder?

Yes but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking! While some people have reported that they were kicked off due to spamming too many matches or being abusive with their messages, most of these cases are fabricated and those users weren’t actually booted out of tinder at all… Instead if you’re in a region where Tinder hasn’t been officially released then the only way you can gain access is by using a VPN or similar service which would technically prevent tinder from seeing your actual location so as a result it will think you’re located in another country! If however tinder detects that it’s being blocked or taken advantage of then you will most likely be banned so bear that in mind before using a VPN or similar service to get around their rules!

Is there an official app for Tinder?

As of September 2014 tinder has released their own official application which is available for download right from the apple store. However I wouldn’t recommend using it at this time because a lot of users are reporting that it’s not working properly and some people have even stated that it deleted their entire profile! So until this problem is fixed, just keep using the browser version of Tinder instead.

How does Tinder work on a PC?

Once you have the app downloaded and logged into your Facebook account, you will be directed to your newsfeed. At first glance it would appear that there are no options or tabs for other screens however if you scroll down enough you will find three sideways facing lines. Click these lines and click “Settings” then choose between a few different settings such as using location services (or not), hiding or showing love hearts when someone likes your pictures, etc. Next click “Logout” and download this emulator program in order to trick the app into thinking you are on an iPhone/iPad. Once you’ve done all of that just make sure than whatever connection mode is selected is set to WiFi. Continue to follow the steps above and you should be connected!

Tinder Glitches & Expiration Dates?

After reading this article, Facebook’s now become aware that Tinder is using our profiles for commercial use so I’m sure they’ll start blocking information from being shared through 2nd party apps such as Tinder which is why if you happen to have a birthday coming up or other important information listed on your profile then it’s best to remove it ASAP otherwise it will disappear off of everyone’s feeds including yours once the account expires or gets deleted. If however you want an excuse as to why those photos are no longer there then simply tell them that you took down your Facebook account and gave up on Tinder because you’re now happily married!!

How do I delete my Tinder account?

In order to close out your tinder account simply go into settings and choose “delete my account” from there, by going through this process however you’ll permanently erase everything connected to that ID/username so make sure whatever personal info is attached ot that profile is ready to be deleted before hitting the “delete account” button.