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Why would a Go Fund Me be deactivated?


If the content of a GoFundMe page is deemed to violate our Terms of Service it will be suspended by our Community Management team. When a page is suspended, the link is inactive and can only be viewed by the organizer or beneficiary.

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How GoFundMe Works

What happens when a GoFundMe is deactivated?

Even after you cancel a campaign, it will continue to show on your dashboard as “Inactive,” but it will no longer be publicly visible. When the donation is removed, you won’t be able to access it at all. Only an organizer may remove a fundraiser using their account.

Why did my GoFundMe page disappear?

Your campaign will be deleted from your Campaigns View if you sign up with GoFundMe Charity create a campaign, then claim your organization on our site. This is due to the fact that you’ve gone from a personal account on our site to a charity administrator account.

How do I reactivate an inactive GoFundMe account?

What to do if your charity hasn’t raised any money. Reactivate the campaign: If you’ve already withdrawn the cash from your inactive campaign, please start a new one. This will ensure that you are up to date on our most recent pricing plan and have current payment relationships.

How long does GoFundMe stay active?

You may keep your campaign active on GoFundMe Charity and GoFundMe for as long as you want. There are no time restrictions or fees associated with keeping a fundraising activity on our site going.

Why is my GoFundMe not accepting donations?

Make sure your connection is working: Because of a weak link in the chain, you might not be able to connect. Try using incognito mode (here are the instructions if you’re using Google Chrome) Wait 24 hours: Many attempts may be blocked for your protection.

Can I get my donation back from GoFundMe?

Non-refundable donations are the norm. However, we can refund any optional gratuities left with your donation if need be. If an error was made or a refund is required, please contact the charity directly. We also encourage you to contact our staff and see if your gift may be reconsidered for a refund.

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