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Will I lose my Rogers email address?


  1. If you cancel your internet service.
  2. All of your email accounts linked to Rogers will be disabled.

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How do I get my Rogers email back?

To send a restore request, go to your email inbox and click Send a Restore Request. The email address you want to recover the emails for must be an active account with Rogers. Fill in the required data and provide the verification code. To submit your request, type in the verification code and click Create Request.

How do I transfer my Rogers email to another account?

You can have them contact us through Live Chat at http://echat.rogers.com or 1-888-764-3771, and after that give permission to transfer your e-mail addresses from their account to yours, then you may request to have the shift completed on their behalf.

Can I keep my Rogers email if I leave Rogers?

Yep. The email is connected to the account. When your account goes POOF, so does your email. You have only one semi option if you know someone (TRUSTWORTHY, such as a family member) who still has Rogers: you can transfer your email to their account.

Do you lose your email address when you change providers?

Keeping your email address after changing broadband suppliers. nNot all providers will allow you to keep your email address when you switch. When you leave Virgin Media, for example, your email account will be deleted. A few other companies, on the other hand, let you keep access to your email address for a monthly fee.

Does Rogers use Yahoo Mail?

It’s simple to add several email addresses to your Rogers Yahoo! Mail account. Make sure your primary email address is correct. Learn about the distinctions between your username and your @rogers.com email address in this helpful resource center! Find out what the various options are for replacing a lost or stolen login.

How do I transfer all emails from one account to another?

To receive permission to access your email, sign in to Gmail on a computer. On the upper right corner, click the gear symbol. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP from the left-hand menu. Select Address Book > Add a New Entry and type in your recipient’s email address there.