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Can I delete my me com email address?

Can I delete my me com email address?


  1. Go to http://me.com/delete_email and follow the prompts to permanently remove your account from me.com mail servers.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed you want to remove your account, it will be closed out within a few minutes or you’ll receive an email confirming the deletion.

Delete Previously Used Email Addresses from Gmail Auto-Complete List

The following data will be deleted permanently: your me.com email address and settings, calendar items/events with your me com email address as a participant, contacts with your me com email address in any of their fields, all incoming messages sent to you at your me.com email address for which there are no other copies on our servers or backed up on your local drive(s) and mail files stored in Personal folders (e.g., Sent Items) for which you have no other copies on our servers or backed up on your local drive(s). You may want to use export tools such as those provided by Yahoo! Mail or Google Calendar if you wish to preserve some or all of this content before deleting your account.

Please note that messages or other content you have archived to a Personal Folder and not yet downloaded to your computer will be deleted within 72 hours of your request. This includes email in your server-based Trash, deleted items in IMAP accounts, Drafts and Outbox in webmail clients or mobile phones.

Note: if you ever log into my me com mail again after deleting your associated account, your username will be available for anyone else to use. For this reason, we recommend taking action to prevent others from logging on as you by updating the password recovery settings for any third-party services that may use an alternate email address based on our system (see above). You can also set up an entirely new com account if you choose.

What happens to my account if I do nothing?

Nothing will happen to your account. If you do not log in again within 2 years, your email address may be deleted in accordance with our normal lifecycle guidelines when we purge inactive accounts from our system.

Can I keep my me com email address?

We’re always interested in hearing from our customers and welcome feedback on services that offer even more value. As part of this ongoing evaluation process, we reserve the right to discontinue any service for any reason at any time without notice or liability if it becomes necessary due to technical issues, changing business priorities, or otherwise. In other words, we do not have an unlimited amount of resources dedicated to me com mail and may decide to terminate this service at a future date based upon operational requirements or constraints such as the need to enhance security, reliability, or maintainability of our infrastructure. However, we do not have any current plans to shut down this service and will monitor usage and customer feedback as part of normal business practice.
If you choose to discontinue using me com mail anytime in the future, your account will be deleted within 10 days after you log out from your last session (although your email address won’t be available for reuse by others until a few weeks later). If you’d like us to notify you prior to deletion, please set up an alternate notification method in the “Change Account Settings” section below. We’ll send one email with your account status approximately 5-7 days prior to deletion indicating that we are removing data associated with it.

What happens to my me com email address?

Accounts that close will immediately stop receiving new emails (although they may continue to be sent). Existing me.com email addresses can’t be used by others, and won’t be made available for reuse when we sell or transfer our business or assets. You may want to use ‘me’ as part of another online identity in the future, which is fine with us; just as long as it isn’t associated with a Microsoft service and doesn’t violate any trademark guidelines. Emptying your account also won’t delete any personal data stored on our servers from other Microsoft services such as Windows Live Hotmail or Messenger accounts you have used in the past. For more information on our privacy practices, including how to request deletion of content stored in your account(s), please see www.microsoft.com/privacy and the Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement.