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How do I delete all my dating site profiles?


  1. Click to account settings.
  2. Click the “Delete Profile” link.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. You will then be asked why you want to delete your account.
  5. Enter a reason and validate.


If you want to delete your OkCupid profile, just log in and use the “delete account” link. If you’ve forgotten your password, we’ll help you set a new one so that you can cancel your account. Once your profile is deleted, it’ll be removed from the site permanently. We do not store profiles after they’re deleted, so if you send someone a message with a URL to an old profile page, it will throw them into an error page and tell them why their browser went there. The only step left for us will be removing any identifying information about you from our servers once we get confirmation that your account has been closed (we don’t sell or give out personal data).

How do I shut down an OkCupid profile?

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How to delete a Dating.com account permanently

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How do I change my new profile when you’re ready by using the username?

Log in ‘show me’ to your bits option – of data on a deleted profile – if you want more info put down this up there than what’s visible in an entry like e.g., job/hobby/interests, etc., right consider my profile is all under adding another now, send us an email at [email protected] with your username ASAP so that we can help you out! one?

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How do I delete my elite singles account?

Go to your account in the menu and Delete my account. Select a reason from the drop-down menu and click/tap Continue. Set a password and confirm it by clicking/ tapping OK.

When should a guy delete his dating profile?

At Least Three Months. April Masini, a New York–based relationship expert and author, tells Bustle that you should wait at least three months before deleting your dating profile.

How do you deactivate a zoosk account?

Go to www.zoosk.com and log in to your Zoosk account. In the top left corner, click on the cogwheel symbol next to your name. Select Account Status from the drop-down menu under Account. Click Deactivate Account after that..

How do I delete my 2021 profile?

Tap the menu option in the upper left corner of the applications and then choose “Account” from the menu panel that appears. To display all of your subscriptions, go to Subscription and select Match. Finally, confirm your choice by tapping Cancel and Yes.

How do I cancel Match subscription on iPhone?

Select “Manage subscriptions” from the drop-down menu. Go to your iPhone’s Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Select View Apple ID (you may need on) at the top of the screen. Subscriptions may be scheduled using this option; if you don’t want to do that, go to step 12

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