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Does your tinder account delete when you get banned?


  1. Open the Tinder app.
  2. Click the profile icon.
  3. Click the “Settings” icon.
  4. Select “Delete Account”.
  5. Give your reason for leaving.
  6. Confirm that you want to delete your account.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder (2021)

What happens if you get banned from Tinder?

if the account is cancelled or deleted by accident, contact our customer service team to see what we can do for you! If your account was removed because it violated any of the terms and conditions please email us at [email protected]

If I accidentally delete my tinder account will it come back? Does a tinder profile stay on there after someone deletes their profile?

Yes, but sometimes with limited features until they verify again – so be sure not to forget your password 🙂

This question has plagued many people’s minds for some time now; does your tinder account disappear when you are banned? The answer is yes, but only if the account was deleted by accident. If it was done on purpose then they are no longer able to use tinder and will need a new email address in order to sign up again.

I’m going to use tinder account as the example:

The first step is to create a new facebook account, twitter account and instagram or other social media page that are all public but don’t have any friends on them. They need to be real accounts with birthdays so they can verify your identity when you sign up at Tinder (this will save time later). You’ll also want these accounts to not look suspicious in terms of age by making sure their profile photos are appropriate and do not reveal too much information about who you actually are before joining Tinder. Keep it simple like an eye photo with no face showing just yet! Next, go through Facebook’s privacy settings and make sure that your new page is set to ‘public’ and also make sure it’s not a fanpage. In order for Tinder to see you as verified, there needs to be an account on all the social media sites with photos of you from head-to-toe in public so they can verify you’re real!

The next step is creating a tinder account using one of those fake accounts. You’ll need at least two selfies taken without showing any identifying features such as tattoos or birthmarks before proceeding with this part. If possible, use the same type of camera and lens in both pictures so that when people compare them later (which will happen) it will seem like different days but really it was just the same day.

The last step is to link your fake account with the Tinder app, which will be done in Settings. Once on this page, you’ll need to do two things: first unlink any other social media accounts currently being used by tinder and then select ‘No’ for verification so they can’t find out who you really are!


How to unban your Tinder account if you’ve been banned:

-Visit the website of a VPN service provider and sign up for their services. Now create an account using one of these following providers: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or PrivateInternetAccess (PIA). Make sure that your country is not in any restricted list by going to this link [unlink]. Once you’ve done so login back into the app with your new credentials. You should now be able to swipe on matches without being blocked again!

-Log out from tinder via Settings > Logout then log back in just as before with original email address and password. You might need to turn off Push notifications from your settings.

-Wait for approximately 24 hours so Tinder can fully update and then try swiping on matches again.

If you find yourself still blocked, delete all previous tinder profiles by going in Settings > Delete Account > Type “yes” and re-adding the account with a new email address and password. Be sure to logout of the old account first before deleting it!

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What happens if I get banned from Tinder?

If you’ve been banned from Tinder, it means that Tinder has determined that you have violated their terms of service and as such, they will not allow you to use the app.

Why Tinder deleted my account?

Tinder deletes accounts for a variety of reasons, including:
-Inappropriate behavior (e.g., spamming, harassment, or inactivity)
-Violating the Tinder Terms of Service (e.g.

Can you reactivate an old Tinder account?

Yes, you can reactivate an old Tinder account if you have a Facebook login. You can also reactivate your account by logging in with your phone number.

How do I get unbanned from Tinder 2020?

If you’re banned from Tinder 2020, it’s likely because you’ve been reported for a violation of the app’s Terms of Service. This could be anything from using offensive language to spamming others with messages. If you think that you were banned in error, then you should contact customer service and request an unban.

How many reports does it take to get banned on Tinder?

It’s difficult to say how many reports it takes to get banned on Tinder. The reason is that there are different types of reports, and not all reports are treated the same.
For instance, if you report someone for being rude or offensive, this may be taken more seriously than reporting someone who is just a “bad match.” It also depends on how often you report people.

How long do Tinder bans last?

Tinder bans last for 30 days.

Does Tinder eventually delete your account?

Yes, Tinder will eventually delete your account. If you have not used the app within 3 months, your account will be deleted.

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